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Corona Impeachment Complaint

Corona Impeachment Complaint

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Published by: Cattleya on Dec 17, 2011
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income other than its share in the national budget. It collects from

every litigant filing a complaint docket fees, which are used for the

Special Allowance for the Judiciary (SAJ) and basic legal fees,

which go to the Judicial Development Fund (JDF). It is worth noting

that the Judiciary Development Fund and the FiduciaryFund

partake of the nature of trust funds. The JDF is being collected for

the benefit of the members and personnel of the Judiciary to help

ensure and guarantee the independence of the Judiciary in the

administration of justice. It is also intended to augment the

allowances of the members and personnel of the Judiciary and to

finance the acquisition, maintenance and repair of office

equipment and facilities.

8.2.Respondent has reportedly failed and refused to report

on the status of the JDF Funds and theSAJ collections. Under his

leadership, the Supreme Court has reportedly failed to remit to the

Bureau of Treasury all SAJ collections in violation of the policy of

transparency, accountability and good governance. There is

likewise the reported failure ofRespondent to account for funds

released and spent for unfilled positions in the judiciary and from

authorized and funded but not created courts.


8.3.In particular, the annual audit report of the Supreme

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