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Finn Advanced English 9 13/10/11 The Camellia Clues The camellia is just one of the many examples of how Harper Lee displays symbolism in her book, To Kill a Mockingbird. The camellia is given to Jem from Mrs. Dubose after she dies. The meaning of this gift, however, is difficult to determine. I believe the gift could have a few different meanings such as a symbol of racism, simply being a kind gift, or reminding him to be brave and to stand up for what he believes in no matter what. The appearance of the camellia alone is an example of symbolism. The flower is white with a black stem. Many people believed that this showed racism. Mrs. Dubose grew these flowers knowing the powerful white flower was held up by a black stem, which the inhabitants of Maycomb saw as a symbol of racism. Mrs. Dubose could have been showing that even though the morphine addict has become a braver, stronger woman, she still has the same beliefs and finds herself higher than blacks. The gift could be just that: a gift. Mrs. Dubose could also have been showing Jem that she forgives him. Mrs. Dubose could be showing that the flowers grew back just as beautiful as before and that the woman believes Jem learned a lesson. The gift could show the thankfulness she had towards him for keeping her company during the little bit of time she had left on Earth, or Mrs. Dubose may just want Jem to have something to remember her by.

White 2 The reason I personally find most likely, is the reason of Mrs. Dubose telling Jem to stay brave and stand up for what he believes in. The whole reason why Atticus wanted the children around Mrs. Dubose was to teach them the true meaning of courage and it is very likely that Mrs. Dubose wanted Jem to remember that lesson even after she passed. Jem was standing up for what he believed in when he smashed Mrs. Duboses flowers and she was telling him that he was right in doing so and to continue to do whats right. Mrs. Dubose could have been reminding him that he is going to have more situations like the one he faced with her and that he will have to stand up and defend his father and his beliefs in order to not catch the disease of racism she has had for so long. There are many reasons why Mrs. Dubose gave Jem that flower and why she was so careful to make sure he received the flower in good condition soon after she died. The flower could have been meant as a racist symbol, showing caring and forgiveness, or reminding him to be courageous. No matter what, it was a strong sense of symbolism with a good lesson.

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