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LEADERSHIP 1: Define leadership, organization are hiring leader instead of manager. Give your comments.

Compare the leaders function vs manager. 2: what is importance in today's management? How a managerial leader is helping the organization in achieving a collective organizational goal? 3: what is the important role of leadership .name them, explain any four important role in leadership? 4: what are the satisfactions or dissatisfaction of a leader? Explain any one. 5: define charismatic leadership or define the characteristics of a charismatic leader? 6: what are the types of a charismatic leader? Explain any two types? 7: charisma is a divine grace of God. How we can develop this charisma in our self? 8: what is the vision component of a charismatic leader .the innovative realism is the component which can lead a leader towards the modern industrialization Era? Comments 9: what are the important effects of charisma? How these effects make an organization inspiring? 10: the style of communication is important in developing charisma. Give your remarks. 11: what is the managerial style of American administrative manager? Do you favor American style? Give reason 12: Japan has emerged as an economical and technological tycoon of the world. Give the historical reason. 13: what are the important positive leadership techniques? 14: what are the important negative leadership techniques? 15: FILL IN THE BLANKS 1: leadership is a COMPLEX activity. 2: leader spends more TIME in engaging himself in CEREMONIAL ACTIVITY. 3: the figure had means ENTERTAINING CLIENTS, MAKE HIMSELF AVAILABLE and SERVING AS OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE. 4: A spoke person speaks with UPPER MANAGEMENT LEVEL, CLIENT OR CUSTOMER, IMPORTANT OUT SIDERS, PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES and GENERAL PUBLIC. 5: negotiation means BARGAINING. 6: a coach formally RECOGNIZES the team member achievement. 7: a TEAM PLAYER displays an appropriate conduct.