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Hands Engaged in Life’s Projects (HELP) Trifold Brochure 8.5”x11”, Four Color + Pantone
Hands Engaged in Life’s Project’s (H.E.L.P.), is a non-profit organization focused on connecting volunteers with humanitarian and disaster relief opportunities both at home and abroad.

There is no more exhilarating and realized life, I believe, than a life of service. When you produce tangible change, that’s something to look forward to each day.
-Jared Manos

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H.E.L.P. was created to do one thing: connect volunteers with the opportunities they seek, helping them succeed in helping others. We do that through three methods: Online Database Our website is constantly growing and changing based on our volunteers needs. Here you can find opportunities near your own home and anywhere else you may go. Volunteer Trips Many volunteers already know where they want to work when at home. Their largest interest is spreading their efforts to new and interesting areas because they are able. That is why we organize and provide opportunities. Scholarships The biggest issue with volunteering is that it takes time and money. Most volunteers experience financial fatigue far before helper’s fatigue. That is why we provide scholarships for all our trips.

524 Morris Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

We hope to make it easy to find exactly what you were looking for, wherever you are, wherever you want to serve. We are here for the volunteers. If there is an organization deserving of the publicity of our website, let us know. We can always use your support. If you are financially able, please donate by sending a check to the address below or via our website. Hands Engaged in Life’s Projects 524 Morris Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (248) 767-4999


For more information, connect with us at

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