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The Selling Process, A Sales Manual

The Selling Process, A Sales Manual

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The Sales Process A Training Manual

True selling is developing a long-term relationship, whereby you, the salesperson, work to serve the needs of the customer, and your employer, by facilitating the supply of essential products and/or services the customer requires, and your company provides. A by-product of this is that you make a profit for the company you serve, and you make money that comes from this profit. In order to accomplish this a sales process is required to establish this relationship. Trust: The Essential Element in Establishing Long-Term Relationships Trust is a key factor in how people make decisions. Therefore it is important to understand how to build and maintain trust. The more you understand about your accounts and their unique situations, combined with an establishment of a positive working relationship, the easier it will be to build trust. Trust is defined as, “Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.” Ten Ways to Establish Trust 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. People trust people who are honest about the truth even if it is uncomfortable. People who look and act professionally build trust. People trust people who ask good questions and are willing to listen. Trust comes from being able to demonstrate your knowledge or technical proficiency. Trusted professionals ask tough, thought-provoking questions, while reaching meaningful issues quickly. People trust other people who respect their values. People trust people who make them think. You create trust when you focus on what your accounts are trying to accomplish. People trust people who have had similar experiences to theirs. People trust people who have a genuine interest in what they have to say.

Slick words or trying to impress people with all the features of your solutions do not build trust they fuel skepticism, as does talking about your need for a sale. Being able to have proof readily available in the form of testimonial letters and phone or email references builds trust. Improve your trust building skills and you'll improve your sales. (Jeffrey Gittomar) Qualities of a Good Salesperson Persistent Hard Working Creative Honest Honesty and Integrity An interesting way to look at what Honesty means is to look at what “Dishonesty” means: 1: deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive [syn: dishonorable] [ant: honest] 2: lacking honesty and oblivious to what is honorable [syn: unscrupulous] 3: lacking truthfulness; "a dishonest answer" 4: capable of being corrupted; Many are willing to say anything to get the sale, thinking that by lying or misrepresenting they win, but they really lose. First, their own integrity and character is compromised, and when difficult situations come again, they will compromise the truth again, even against their own employers, employees, and friends. You cannot trust Integrity Dependable Professional Faithful Positive Attitude Servant’s Heart


We are here to do the same. you serve the needs of someone else. your customer and your employer. and the industry is locked in this business model. however. testing. but it is the services we provide that enabled them to acquire parts through us. Staying Organized: A Critical Component In sales it very easy to get lost with the large volume of work that is required. which is necessary to unlock a large portion of Franchises’ existing customer base. such as the “Gray Market or Brokers”. customer base to call on. when you communicate clearly it’s relative value in relationship to the other services then a picture begins to take shape showing that together. staff meetings. by helping 2 . whose integrity has been compromised? A very successful Sales Manager of a major corporation has as one of his 5 mottos this saying: “If it is not true. and the company. or the relationship. Why? We do not make. Our goal is to explain the “Myth of Franchised Distribution”. Services is a harder sell. who act in this way. training meetings. or manufacture anything. partner in electronics distribution. etc. Franchise was listed as old world and the Internet would quickly eliminate the need for Franchise to exist. Why are you here? Most likely you answered to make money. credit issues. Using the CRM consistently will help you. do not even imply it”! No one gets away with lying. Changing Perception In our situation as a company there is a very clear way the industry operates historically. accomplish its long-term goals of keeping track of all products/services quoted as a company. Selling services requires you to paint a picture of how the services you provide will take care of them better. Recently. and necessary. If “your” attitude becomes. Customer Service – A Servant’s Heart Many take this for granted. and at home. or else you will get hurt. etc. Franchise Distribution (Franchise) has done an excellent job of establishing itself as a vital. because they focus on themselves and what they get out of the sale. stocking. and with minor change in focus made a tremendous dent in the market share of the leading brick-n-mortar companies it faced. do not say it. not parts. and attacks the heart of trust in any relationship. Keeping written notes during/after a call will allow you easily remember what you need to input into your CRM tracking software. Customers must live like this. then what they are currently doing. because many suppliers demonstrate they are not trustworthy. they provide much greater value: “The sum is greater than the parts”. must become part of who you are and needs to be continually cultivated in your entire life: at work with employer and fellow employees. Selling a service is different then selling a product. But Dell Computers faced a very similar competitive landscape. and any other method is bad. but is much more profitable and sets the stage for longer contractual relationships. true. One of the ways we will do this is to go about helping to change perception. it comes back on you in many different ways. and provide a greater overall value proposition. Good notes help you get back on track. Often one aspect of the services you provide appears to have no relative value on a stand-alone basis. and it became clear brick-n-mortar was necessary. such as sourcing. This is an attitude that many do not have. Would you like to fly in a plane. but true customer service. then your needs will be met”. follow-up on calls and orders. The customer needs parts. “What do you do to make that money”? In essence. Taking good notes is imperative. Selling In Action Selling a Service World Electronics sells services. but now ask yourself. with your customer. orders to process. and you must guard yourself around them. especially when you need to follow-up and you cannot remember the previous phone call with that prospective customer.people. Products require a run down of features and benefits in relationship to a price proposition. “what can you do to help them satisfy their needs. whom you think will certainly remember you. which did not materialize.

If we become good at doing this. prepare to campaign them. that is “tied” to the selling process. Then you have to actually contact them. A degree of excellence”. Watch out for creep. you can do that. 7. Do they really need your service? My son does not need a car at his age. and communicate the value of the “Hybrid Distribution Model” we provide. and waste your valuable time.people understand what the “Open Market” really is (not the Gray Market or Broker). vigorously. waste valuable time. and lower cost options for our customers. Fred will be developing this part of the manual through interactive lesson plans. you need to locate the right person to talk with. or essential character: 2. To help accomplish this. or else you will get lost fast. 2. Qualified Leads Locate qualified leads. Find and Qualify Quality Calls versus Quantity Every call to a customer. which gives us much greater flexibility in sourcing real solutions. Go slowly and learn the ropes as you botch quite a few calls and meetings while you learn. or meeting. and qualify. Buyers and Potential Customers One major key in sales is to really understand your buyer. To exert oneself continuously. You waste a lot of time chasing the wrong fish. The call must be distinctive to help people remember you and make you stand out in the crowd. confuse the customer and yourself. which means you can do this. 6. and the company you represent. A special. Quality is defined as: “1. Then you will need to qualify them. 1. or obtrusively to gain an end. distinctive. 4. The more you understand the life of the buyer. that is “tied” to the selling process. or prospective customer. Try to locate real companies who really need your services. your friends think you can do this. needs to have the essential element of quality. and Compel Needs Analysis Tailor Solution(s) based on Needs Closing: Perform and Serve with Excellence To go through the process you need to know what “you” are doing every step of the way. Credibility. and the life they live each day. and you leave a perception in the mind of someone who has no purpose and wasted their time. The Essential Sales Process 1. each call. or meeting must have a purpose that you know ahead of time in your mind. Qualify. etc. 3. confuse the customer and yourself. It’s okay!!! Campaign Process Once you have targeted your “prospective” companies. Find and Qualify Introduction Develop Trust. has excellence and is a qualified professional organization. must have a purpose that you know ahead of time in your mind. A series of actions undertaken to 3 . or else you will get lost fast. you can do that. it will be a hard sell if you try. The definition of Campaign is – 1. When we are effective in doing this we change the way people view the approach to how they go to market. Your time is slowly wasted on bunny trails. Each call. 2. and leave a perception that what you do. the more you can offer solutions to their needs. we will open many more doors with prospective customers. This is the most tedious part in the whole process. This means you will need to locate prospective customers. 5. and open the door to another way. qualify. and potentially a better way.

threaten them. in a hurry. Never quit. persistent. Big key is to keep in front of them without driving them nuts. Outside Sales If your in Outside Sales. professional. ask them when a good time would be and make a commitment to call them at that time. offer bribes or chocolate. Build a script for this and practice off line. and friendly and stay that way! After the initial contact and very brief introduction you start the qualification process. not polite. this is okay and normal for the type of sales we do at World Electronics. Transition After making the introduction and seeking to establish credibility and trust. but understandable given the volume of calls they receive from all kinds. Introduction and Compel Compel them to Listen to You You must get the attention of the person you are talking with. If you cannot get a meeting this time. and both of you will want the call to end quickly. Credibility is the backbone of building Trust. then you will get this back from the potential customer. and are very professional when you do this. You will need to establish some level of credibility at this first call and compelling reason for them to listen to you. or rule a real prospective customer out that has been qualified. A sale rarely happens on the first call. Develop Trust and Credibility Establish Trust – See Section on Trust Above Establish Credibility Be “very” relational. people pick up on the little things. If you pick up that the person is busy. 3. enough for them to want to listen to more of what you have to say. every time you call someone. you need to move quickly to explain why you called. ask for a future time when they may be free to meet. “ask them if this is a good time to talk”. Often the toughest will be your best customer. Try not to deviate from this. and give them a reason to stay on the line and keep talking with you. in a compelling way. Many buyers just hang-up…rude yes. This will require being creative. but you need to let it become natural in how you say it. forcing yourself. and you need to continue to develop credibility throughout the call. You have to say something that is compelling enough to justify their time for you. work it to the point that it really says what you think would be the best thing to say. and cannot sell over the phone. If you are anxious. Don’t minimize little things like this. Be prepared for at least 5-10 solid calls before anything happens. and are not considerate of the people they are talking with and their needs. which lends itself to establishing credibility. This will open more doors. or answer your questions. do whatever you can to get the meeting. 4 . This is “critical”!!!!! This should initially be done in a brief introduction. Re-emphasize the compelling points mentioned above. Memorize it. are respectful to their situation. You need to really stay focused without coming off as a pest. upbeat. polite. This shows you care about them. Telling someone why you are calling them is very professional and communicates to them that you have a purpose in your call. and all subsequent calls and interactions. then go for a meeting in the first call and at all subsequent calls. friendly. 2. you help the person you talk with relax. If not. professional and always know “where you want to take them” if a crack opens in the door. or when you can call them again. You will have to help the prospect understand why it is important to meet. the essential element in building a relationship. Type it.achieve a large-scale objective”. When you stay comfortable. tell them – just kidding. because it helps you stay comfortable and on track. etc. because most salespeople have their agenda. This becomes your primary goal and you need to keep coming back to this in a friendly way.

and into understanding what he does. or it is hopeless. This is very important in trying to establish a point of reference with your customer. it is a fun point for both of you. do whatever you can to get the meeting. it should show and it will be easy from this point. 4. “Never” send information via the mail. or else your dead. You will have to help the prospect understand why it is important to meet. 8. because you need to transition from the initial introduction. 10. send it. or via e-mail. If you can discover some of these. and tailor a response to these in how World Electronics can meet these needs. If there is genuine interest. Needs Analysis After your introduction your goal is to try to understand the customer needs. or close go for a meeting in the first call and at all subsequent calls. Remember. 9. You will need to try and understand what/if any objections might exist. 6. because they are your tools to help you understand the customer. tell them – just kidding. As a rule. If they are genuinely interested a second meeting/call is almost automatic.This is the most awkward moment for you once you have the right person. but you do not want to put them off. you need to stay relaxed and be friendly. 11. this is where it gets tough as you need to determine what would work for the customer. because on the fly you will need to determine which way you need to go and what to ask. If you do not transition okay you will be very grateful when you finally get off the phone. 12. or why it will not work. Questions You want feedback at this point from the customer as to whether your product/service would work for him. 2. 13. From this contact you will send email information and/or point to a website during the call. but which questions will vary from call to call. or via email. the prospect gets to talk about himself and you get the information you need and get to know something new about someone and their company. you have an opportunity to reposition yourself at the next call/meeting. However. and always follow-up a few days later to make sure they received what you sent them via mail. Questions are key at this point. 4. this is an absolute waste of money and time for everyone because the buyer rarely will read it. You need to really stay focused without coming off as a pest. If not. and the customer. Re-emphasize the compelling points mentioned above. If you cannot get a meeting this time. If you need to meet in person before anything really happens this becomes your primary goal and you need to keep coming back to this in a friendly way. ask for a future time when they may be free to meet. Stay open and do not lock yourself in a box. 7. and their unique situation and needs. if you transition okay. If you can sell over the phone go for it. what would you change? 5 . where you need them to go: 1. Don’t be a scripted telemarketer at this point. your on a discovery mission at this point and with many. and have them remember you. This is why it is the most awkward. What is your main objective? How do you plan to achieve that goal? What is the biggest problem you currently face? What other problems do you experience? What are you doing to currently to deal with this? What is your strategy for the future? What other ideas do you have? What role do others play in creating this situation? Who else is affected? What are you using now? What do you like most about it? What do you like least about it? If you could change things any way you wanted. Questions accomplish this. but if it is local. offer bribes or chocolate. or set the stage to come back with what they want at a second call/meeting. 5. if a customer demands something in print. or when you can call them again. Questions are also a tremendous tool that demonstrates your professionalism. threaten them. You will need to explore. Must build credibility and trust by this stage. or what his need is and how he is currently satisfying this need. Jeffrey Gittomar lists 37 questions that are excellent in taking you. 3.

18. If you just throw out a price. One simple key to always remember is always “ASK” for the order. 20. 17. but if they are not willing to make a commitment. 15. 32. Sometimes you do not know what you are competing against. many are just people like all of us. It is important you understand the strengths and weaknesses related to the customer’s other options. By doing your homework. there is a lot of hype out there. it allows you to position your offering with confidence. 22. which your company can perform on. Tailor Solution(s) to Meet the Need Once you have identified the needs. The customer knows if you have done your homework. Do not wing it at this point. because how you present your offering is vitally important. are persistent and consistent on the task at hand. By continuing to “ASK”. This is where Fred’s “massage” is so important. and open the door to them responding favorably. If you look at a lot of good salespeople. and industry. you need to create a compelling solution(s) to meet the need. then you should make the sell. The more valuable the solution to the customer. or product to make you feel good and heal all your woes. without the ability to position it for change. They are courteous and service oriented. Closing: Not as Hard as You Think Selling is not rocket science. nor is it magic. 34. and your stuck with nothing to try and re-position it. then you have a logical question they need to answer. or are winging it. if things remained the same? Are you working within a budget? How do you plan to finance it? What alternatives have you considered? What benefit would you personally realize as a result? How would other benefit? How can I help? Is there anything I’ve overlooked? Are there any questions you’d like to ask? What do you see as the next step? Who else. if you have not done your homework and are just throwing out an offer. and speak to these in your offer. 24. 26. or from my understanding” comments. will be involved in making the decision? On a scale of one to ten. you should be able to uncover most of the objections. 29. They are usually professional and knowledgeable about their products. It is easy to have a “hope-so” mentality at this point. What effect would this have on your present situation? What would motivate you to change? Do you have a preference? What has been your past experience? How do you know? Is there anything else you would like to see? How much would it be worth to you to solve this problem? What would it cost. 30. or a gifted orator. besides yourself. or an offering. 36. Sometimes people think you have to be some “Slick Willy” to be a good salesman. and highlighting the value points to the customer again. 6. 37. 28. or a price. sort of like the ultimate vitamin. They work hard and smart. or solution for. 33. 25. 19. You should be aware of most of the requirements around the order. and again. and again. 31. then the buyer can simply dismiss it for a myriad of reasons.14. 27. “Why not? What would keep you from going forward?’ This will help you identify objections. 21. If objections come out. 35. 16. 23. ultimately. When it comes to closing. the more compelling it will be for the customer to choose you. 6 . and hopefully the real reason they cannot make a commitment. you have the ability to change it based on “I thought you needed. how confident do you feel about doing business with us? What would it take to get that up to a ten? Are you working against a participant deadline? How soon would you like to start? When would you like to take delivery? When should we get together to discuss this again? Is there anything else you’d like for me to take care of? 5. service. and if it a reason you have an answer.

You will go a long way in establishing trust when you can admit your mistakes. The Electronics Buyers News www. and the industry you work in. Be consistent with this.com> Global Spec: www. or want – Used Car Salesman. Keep the communication honest and wide open with the customer. that may have happened in school. and be to them as if you were an excellent employee. but in the world where you need to be successful. You cannot get by just winging it. Let the people know you are working and have exhausted every avenue to try and meet their need. 4. 3. and the company you work for. it will require you to really know what you are doing.my-esm.eem.globalspec. and we look forward to the next opportunity. 2. This is okay. the buyer you working with fails.purchasing. Self Education and Industry Knowledge Every salesperson must become the most proficient knowledge source in the products/services they sell. and communicating how your product/service will take care of their need. Perform and Serve With Excellence Once you make a sale. Tools to Help Train/Educate Yourself in Electronics and Sales 1. or your companies’ ability to perform. People like people who “TRY” and give their best shot. If you make a mistake. If you make a mistake. 5. accurately understanding their need. will go along way in building trust and credibility. This requires wisdom.com <http://www. and do not let anyone else drop the ball. even when you do not perform. When you really understand what you are doing.digitimes.com> Intel Processor Information: <http://processorfinder. Communicate. Following are some places on the Internet that provide opportunities to gain knowledge. admit it. and finally asking them to buy it from you. communicate. 7. Do not try to hide it or deflect it. Summary In summary.com/eb-mag/> 7 . why you’re the person/company. We just need to be honest and let people know. serve them. But the ones that do. Hopefully. with excellence.eem. or will.com <http://www. The buyer then needs to make his own decision. If you cannot perform on what you are representing. and if you are not confident on your ability. your customer. Own these steps yourself. you have presented what you have in such a way it is compelling enough for them to choose you. The follow-through is just as important as the selling process. and make it right. because it builds trust and confidence.com/scripts/default. you are lying to the customer.digitimes. don’t sell it. one who gave their best shot. Many times we will not be able to take care of the customer’s requirements due to the nature of our business model.“Would you buy it if someone sold it to you?” You need to be sold yourself. they do not like black holes where they send the request and never hear back. be honest and let them know. Work with them.com Electronic Engineers Master: www.com> Purchasing Magazine www. because not every mistake affects the customer. vs. 6. then it is Wisdom when you accurately apply the knowledge gained in practical everyday situations to benefit yourself. being honest about it.purchasing. then perform on everything you said you would.com <http://www. If you don’t let them know you could not perform in positive way. Do not lie!!! We all fail!! The big companies fail.my-esm. you will be looked at as a failure. competitors. Selling is the process to establish a relationship with a buyer. Ask yourself . selling is simply helping someone buy something they need.7.asp> Electronics Business Magazine: <http://reed-electronics. and yours. and products you will not become the top in your field and continually be frustrated.com> Digitimes IT News: www.intel. and communicate. If you are not studying constantly. Do not minimize this element. admit it and make it right. and trying to really understand the industry.com <http://www. Your not trying to force someone to buy something they do not need. and communicate we “TRIED”. Blaming someone internally on the failure shoots the company’s reputation.

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