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Daniel U. Torralba Panel 6 Discussion I Bl.

Nicholas of Gesturi as a Way of Life CN: 38

Public Speaking: Panel Topic: Science



Science and Technology is an outstanding subject for education. Its excellence through knowledge gives us an opportunity to learn all of the things around us. It is amazing that every products, actions, or even the way were breathing is a process of science. The advancements in science and technology have both positive and negative effects on human life. The major advantage of science and technology is that it has made our lives easier, like the inventions of multiple technologies have decreased manual work, the time of processes, and overall productivity. The use of technology on our surroundings has increased our output and time-management productivity. Doing work at workplaces is easier now because of the invention of computers and notebooks, thus making word processing quicker and easier. That is why learning through Science and Technology is important in our lives today. Without it, it would be hard for us to apply our knowledge without learning them. We will not know how our surroundings cause or how they even existed, and well also not know how to use our computers without studying it. The reason of learning this is to know how environment is being processed in Science and apply/invent automations to make our life easier in Technology.