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Published by: Andrew Kaczynski on Feb 13, 2012
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Build an online headquarters that serves as a repository of Fox News research, reporting, action
campaigns and activist tools and social networks.


We will build a massive website dedicated to taking Fox News head-on-a one-stop-shop for all
things Fox News if you will. The website will brand our overall campaign and serve as the
information hub for our coalition partners and those looking to challenge Fox News. It will be
prominently featured on all individual campaign sites, literature distributed in person or public
events, in paid media, and on action alerts and other communications sent out to our
subscribers, the media, and through all tools used by the grassroots coalition campaigns
coordinated by Media Matters.

Our army of activists will find the new website both informative and interactive as it will
encourage their involvement within specially designed social networks geared toward self-
organization-Students Against Fox, Women Against Fox, San Antonians Against Fox, etc.-and
provide them with the ability to interact with other like-minded activists, recruit new members,

Using the website as our primary messaging device and as the public face of the Fox News
campaign, we will launch regular calls to action against the network providing simple-to-use


tools enabling swift participation by those motivated to get involved thereby expanding our
audience and coalitions.

Features of this online hub will include among other things:

• Original Research/Reporting: All research and original reporting done as a part of the
broader campaign will be archived in a clear, easily searchable database enabling
activists, bloggers, reporters and others to easily review the mounting case against Fox
News. The latest news and research will be featured on the mainpage and throughout
the site to keep those visiting the website informed of ongoing narratives and
opportunities for action.
• Fox News Blog: A blog providing commentary about Fox News and related coalition
campaigns will be updated daily enabling those visiting the website to actively engage in
the discussion. The blog will also house guest postings from progressive leaders and
coalition partners, inform readers of developing or breaking stories and, when
appropriate, offer a humorous take on news surrounding the conservative network.
• Video: Online videos -including tracking and creative viral content -will be displayed
throughout the site and in an overall archive as well allowing users to embed the
content on their own blogs and personal websites.
• Action Tools: The website will be equipped with the latest in online action tools
including email sends, petitions, letters-to-the-editor and phone banking tools, online
polls, story, video and photo sharing tools for contests and more.
• Social Networks: In addition to taking advantage of existing social networks like Twitter
and Facebook, the website will deploy a social network of its own connecting members,
allowing them to offer comments on posted material, enabling them to self organize in
their communities, on their campuses and by specific issue or interest groups (i.e. LGBT,
Women, African Americans, Latinos, Students, etc.) Users will also be able to start their
own pages or profiles to recruit friends, family and co-workers to the cause. The
resulting enlarged community will be used to harness the creative input of members
with online polls, votes on specific ads, special contests and more.
• Coalition Campaigns: As a central part of the overall campaign, the various issue
focused coalitions will be prominently displayed throughout the website along with links
to any separate issue-specific micro-websites created for specific calls to action.
• Online Store: An online store will be featured on the website selling t-shirts, hats and
other attire as well as buttons, yard signs, bumper stickers and other materials carrying
our message against Fox News-sales will generate new recruits.
• Organic Recruitment: Other efforts discussed in greater detail elsewhere in this plan
such as earned media, public events, paid television/radio/print advertising, etc. while
not necessarily intended for recruitment will inevitably result in new members, a larger
audience, and more engaged activists.


We may reduce traffic from our main page or vice versa. This year Media Matters has
partnered with a variety of organizations to push coalition campaigns against Lou Dobbs and
Glenn Beck, each with its own issue specific website. At the same time Media Matters' website


traffic has nearly doubled in the past year. This could lead one to assume that Media Matters
main website will not be hurt by traffic to another website pushing similar issues. Additionally,
the main Media Matters website will push traffic to the new Fox centered website and vice-
versa further enabling both sites to grow in size and audience.

The Site will be repetitive with the MMFA page. Remember, this new website will focus
specifically on Fox News and related outlets while Media Matters will continue to monitor and
correct conservative misinformation throughout the media so repetition shouldn't be a major
issue of concern. Additionally, the new website will host initiatives not currently regular
features on the main Media Matters like original reporting, video tracking and corporate
accountability so the new website's overall flavor will be considerably different.

We may not be able to generate sufficient traffic to have an effect. Because we will be
working with a variety of coalitions on this project we will likely have several already existing
websites, email lists and other audiences tuning in to the new website. Also, we will be utilizing
a variety of tools to build an audience for this new site, including online advertising, list growth,
social networks and mobile text messaging -each will help build and enhance the number of
people regularly visiting the website. Thus far there is no indication that previous coalition
websites have suffered because of lack of interest-all signs point to a progressive movement
hungry to take Fox News on directly.

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