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Media Matters Memo

Media Matters Memo

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Published by: Andrew Kaczynski on Feb 13, 2012
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Expanding our Core Functions

The Action Network's core work of debunking misinformation from conservatives before it
seeps into the media must continue. Whether by combating the lies found in viral e-mails,
busting the smears aimed at prominent progressives, fact-checking statements made by
conservatives in Congress, or using our research to coordinate action campaigns, we are
committed to implementing actions that hold the right-wing accountable for advancing

MMAN plans to continue carrying out these core functions, as described in this document, over
the next three years-at a heightened intensity. Make no mistake: conservatives are ramping


up their campaign to destroy the progressive agenda; progressives cannot afford to simply
maintain the status quo. In order to respond most effectively and aggressively to the
increasingly reckless right-wing noise machine, we will enhance our existing capacity by adding
eight more Researchers over the next three years. These researchers will monitor, analyze, and
correct misinformation made by politicians and their allies across multiple platforms, including
print, television, and the Internet. Specifically, we plan to add three researchers in 2010; two
researchers in 2011; and three researchers in 2012. With this additional capacity, we will be
able to increase the number of smears that we neutralize and the amount of misinformation
that we correct before it reaches the wider conversation. Our budget over the next three years
is outlined below:









Please see the MMAN Appendix on page 88 for a more detailed breakdown of our budget over
the next three years.

Pursuing New Opportunities

MMAN has ambitious plans for enhancing our impact over the next three years. We are
already gearing up for 2010, and the opportunities and challenges the changing political
landscape will bring. These initiatives include:

• Opposition Research: MMAN has quickly become a progressive leader in rapid response
and fact checking. As we continue to grow and our capacity increases, we will place
more emphasis on hard-hitting, campaign-style opposition research.
• Video Tracking: MMAN will launch an ambitious tracking program in order to more
effectively respond to and push back against conservative misinformation propagated
by politicians and their allies.
• Books: After investing time in long-term research, MMAN will have the capability to
write and publish books exposing the truth about conservative political figures. These
books will maximize our impact in the progressive community.
• Issue Advocacy: As MMAN continues to grow, we will take to the airwaves in order to
maximize the effect of our research. Hard-hitting television ads will amplify the work
we do every day by increasing our audience and boosting the amount of attention the
media pays to our work.
• Corporate Transparency: As MMAN continues to grow, we will build a database to track
the reach of corporate money in politics. Using this information, we will work with
progressive allies to expose the influence and corrosive effects of corporate money
spent in opposition to a progressive agenda.

These initiatives meet the compliance responsibilities laid out by the Internal Revenue Service
for a 501{c)(4) organization. Specifically, these activities comply with the requirements
and restrictions of applicable federal and state election law, including not engaging in express


advocacy for or against a political candidate. In addition, the proposed campaign activities and
expenditures for electioneering do not constitute MMAN's primary purpose activity.

The new initiatives are detailed below.

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