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Media Matters Memo

Media Matters Memo

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Published by: Andrew Kaczynski on Feb 13, 2012
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Maintaining our Core Functions

The organizational impact described above represents Media Matters for America's (MMFA)
core work of debunking conservative misinformation across news outlets. Smears and lies must
be disproved and counter-argued, fighting fire with water, if for no other reason than to send a
strong message every day that we care about truth, while the right wing cares only about
advantage. We must also continue our efforts to contain the damage being done by
conservatives by cutting bad information off at the pass and monitoring the mainstream media
for conservative misinformation. We plan to continue carrying out these core functions over
the next three years at the following cost:


Total Cost







Please see the MMFA Appendix on page 86 for a more detailed breakdown of our core budget
over the next three years.

Pursuing New Opportunities

However, with the out-of-power conservative movement now playing an all-offense game like
never before, throwing sand in the gears of governance and targeting progressive individuals
and organizations for elimination, we too must go on offense. That is why MMFA proposes to
undertake multiple growth initiatives over the next three years to expand and strengthen our

• Fighting Back against Fox News: We propose to implement a new set of initiatives that
will severely restrict Fox News' campaign against the progressive community and
agenda. These strategies include:
o Developing Market Expertise: Media Matters will use a pollster, surveys, focus
groups and a message consultant to conduct a benchmark study of the Fox News
audience and public views of the network to craft a successful persuasion


campaign strategy and then monitor and adapt strategy and tactics based upon
quarterly follow-up studies.
o Coordinating Grassroots Activism: Media Matters will harness widespread
resentment of Fox News into grass and netroots activism by engaging partners
into issue based coalitions to conduct targeted micro-campaigns against Fox
News' advertisers, personalities, and hold demonstrations at network sponsored
events to reduce its revenue and perceived popular support, as well as create a
conundrum for shareholders investing in this controversial business enterprise.
o Fox SWAT Team: Media Matters will create a team of rapid-response reporters
and researchers who will discredit Fox News' integrity by going to the source: re-
reporting bad stories on Fox News, interviewing victims of the network's one-
sided hit jobs, and shining a spotlight on its use of illegal and unethical tactics, as
well as the inaccurate product and collateral damage of such tactics. In essence,
challenging their journalistic integrity on every level.
o Opposition Research: Media Matters will create a team of investigators and
opposition researchers who will collect and develop comprehensive and
innovative research materials that will be used to identify vulnerabilities within
Fox News on-air personalities and key decision makers as well as discredit Fox
News attacks quickly while simultaneously providing a counter-narrative.
o Video Tracking: Media Matters will send aggressive staffers armed with high
quality video and sound equipment to attend conservative events and tape all
speeches and presentations by Fox News employees and key conservative actors
to expose the political nature of their activism and capture any "gotcha"
moments. This footage will be strategically disseminated through multiple media

o Litigation Team: Media Matters will engage a team of attorneys that will, when
appropriate, represent individuals who may have a legal cause of action as a
result of the activities of right-wing activists and media like Fox News, and seek
regulatory relief against offending individuals and entities in order to assist those
harmed by its conduct and bring significant financial and regulatory pressure in
order to modify its behavior.
o Online Headquarters: Media Matters will create an online action center and
clearing house for Fox News related research, reporting and commentary which
will serve as the hub for the overall campaign. The site will be used to connect
Americans opposed to Fox News through special social networking and event
planning tools to bring the campaign into communities throughout the country.
o Elite Persuasion: Media Matters will target political and media elites in key
markets with aggressive advertising and individual outreach designed to sour
conventional wisdom and the media elite's positive opinions of, misplaced
journalistic solidarity with, and its tendency to follow or defend Fox News.
o Public Persuasion: Media Matters will conduct an aggressive media campaign,
using some paid media to garner earned media across radio, cable news, select
broadcast television, print media and the internet, as well as doing street and
phone canvassing, direct mail and more, to recruit people to our effort and sway
the opinions of those who have not yet made up their minds about Fox News.


Research Issue Pods: We will enhance our impact on the media coverage of progressive
priorities by creating new pods of researchers devoted entirely to the monitoring the
media coverage of specific issues. We will create research pods for the following topics:

o Environment/Climate Change
o Economy
o Immigration
o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues
o Gun Violence
o Reproductive Rights

These new initiatives are detailed below. Please see the Appendix for a detailed master budget
of our growth plans over the next three years.


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