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Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources Book Cooper, Gail. Air-Conditioning America. Johns Hopkins University Press. 1998.

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Picture The Anatomy of Melancholy Figure 1 Tumblr. June 29, 2010.

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This newspaper article is a good source for our history project because it is a biography on Willis Carrier, the inventor of the modern air conditioner. This secondary source is very useful to our page on founders of the air conditioner. Website Wolfe, Steven J. HVAC Time Line SSAW Home Services Company. 1998. http://ssawservices.com/rses/timeline.html 10/25/11. Steven Wolfes webpage lists how many, many people contributed to the modern air conditioner. This secondary source explains that the idea for refrigeration and conditioning was first developed in 1748. Website Oremus, Will. A History of Air Conditioning Slate July 22, 2011.

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http://www.npr.org/2011/08/03/138924245/the-long-hot-road-to-modern-air-conditioning October 20, 2011

This website is informational to our project because the author writes about how both John Gorrie and Willis Carrie had parts in the air conditioner. This secondary source explains not just one person invented the air conditioner. Website Chapel, George L. Gorries Fridge. University of Florida. http://www.phys.ufl.

edu/~ihas/gorrie /fridge.htm 10/5/11. Dr. John Gorrie was the first person to invent air conditioning and refrigeration. This secondary account is important to our website because it is a detailed biography of John Gorrie. Website Ross, Donald E. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Essay. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century. 2011. http://www.greatachievements.org/ ?id=3867 10/5/11. This secondary account is important because it describes how the air conditioner improved and what it was like without any air conditioners. The timeline tells when each structure with air conditioning was built. Website Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Famous Floridians: Dr. John Gorrie. Famous Floridians. University of South Florida. 2002. http://fcit.usf.edu/florida/lessons/gorrie/ gorrie.htm 10/21/11

This site is a descriptive biography of Dr. John Gorrie. It is a very important secondary source to our project.