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ane THE METROCRATS auseone 2 2 10, MW, 12. 13. 14, 18. 19. 20. 21. one 23. NML NCCUSL NecAo PPC niesgovernmertal Re UPDATED JUNE 1972 1313 East 60th Street, Chicago, Illinois {Public Administration Clearing House) Council of State Governments Public Administration Service Governors’ Conference Conference of Chief Justices National Legislative Conference National Association of Attorneys General National Association of State Budget Officers National Association of State Purchasing Officials . Interstate Clearing House on Mental Health American Public Works Association American Public Welfare Association Public Personnel Association American Municipal Association International City Managers! Association . Municipal Finance Officers Association . National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials National Association of Assessing Officers American Society of Planning Officials Federation of Tax Administrators American Society for Public Administration National Institute of Municipal Clerks Committee for International Municipal Cooperation-- U. 5. A. Building Officials Conference of America | Municipal League | Conference of Commissidners ‘on Uniform State Laws National Conference of Court Aclnunistrative Office Parcle and ion Ci ‘Acminisato) American Saciety of Buijfing Officials International Conferencg of Building Wash. D.C MetroChart Copyriah LEGEND — CONTROL" SECRETARIAT S mm ce INTERLOCKING PORTFOLIO Injernationel Union of oeaauthortes TRAFFIC/PERSONNEL t+rte+- > Seer ee Ancol forgeniznon*CO-OPERATIVE ARRANGEMENT/ [7°*sovu,, MEMBERSHIP. ----- *MEMBERSHIP ASSOC. Reproductions Not Permitted “METRO THE METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT NETWORK (IN PART) ACIR® is controlled by CSG (No. | Governors Conference (No-3] Nat'l League of Cities (Nof 13 formerly Amer. Munic. issn. Conference of Mayors Nat'l Assn. of Counties CHICAGO U.N. CHARTER---UNITED NATIONS UNESCO. (PUBLIC LAW 565) NEW YORK’ 13/3” PARENT BODY WRITES MODEL LAWS CLM.CMEMBERS CONFERENCE OF MAYORS: 5. 1960 CENSUS EAGUE OF CALIF. CITIES “HOUSEHOLD QUESTIONNAIRE re Y MAIL ORDER Laws” “2 Grave vevec) THE HAGUE NETHERLANDS IU.L.A. ASSOC/MEMBERS COMMUNIST: YUGOSLAVIA & : a aes THROUGH UNE SCO.S LF.D. 1959 |961, 1972 «METRO ~ US.A.:EXAMPLE OF ea CITY-COUNTY POLITICAL CONSOL- IDATION-FIRST STEP OF METRO MERGING IrregeRs- INTERNATIONAL FEDERATIONFOR DOCUMENTATION 4 do Hin: