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FINAL EXAM PREP FOR 622 1). Dutch auctions move large numbers of commodity items relatively slowly.

FALSE 2). BIDS are the prices that potential buyers in an auction are willing to pay for an item. 3). An English auction is sometimes called a(n) ____ because the bids are publicly announced: OPEN AUCTION 4). DUTCH auction is a form of open auction in which bidding starts at a high price and drops until a bidder accepts the price. 5). Second-price sealed-bid auctions are commonly called VICKREY AUCTIONS 6). The New York Stock Exchange conducts ____ auctions of stocks and bonds in which the auctioneer, called a specialist, manages the market for a particular stock or bond issue SEALED-BID DOUBLE 7). One of the aggressive marketing tactics that ____ used to promote its auction business was its "Auctions Guarantee." AMAZON 8). ____ uses its Web auction site to sell its own inventory of closeouts and refurbished computers and computerrelated items. uBID 9). Smaller businesses often sell their unusable and excess inventory to ____, which are firms that find buyers for these items. LIQUIDATION BROKERS 10). A(n) ____ is a gathering place for people and businesses that do not have a physical existence. ONLINE COMMUNITY 11) Businesses that operate on the Web must comply with the same laws and regulations that govern the operations of all businesses. TRUE 12). ____ mark the range of culture and reach of applicable laws very clearly. TERRITORIAL BORDERS 13). The level of power asserted by a government is limited to that which is accepted by the culture that exists within its ____ boundaries. GEOGRAPHIC 14). A ____ is an intentional or negligent action taken by a legal entity that causes harm to another legal entity. TORT

15). A(n) ____ clause is a statement that the contract will be enforced according to the laws of a particular state. FORUM SELECTION 16). A(n) ____ is the expression of willingness to take an offer, including all of its stated terms ACCEPTANCE 17). A(n) ____ is a statement that the seller will not honor some or all implied warranties. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER 18). A(n) ____ is a digital code or stream embedded undetectably in a digital image or audio file. WATERMARK 19). In a(n) ____ policy approach, the company that collects personal information in the course of doing business on the Web does not use the information for any other purpose unless the customer specifically chooses to allow that use. OPT-IN 20). A(n) ____ is assessed on the amount of value added at each stage of production. VAT 21) The Internet connects many different types of computers running different types of operating system software. TRUE 21). A simple site that companies use to evaluate different Web designs is called a(n) DEVELOPMENT SITE 22). Microsoft developed a now widely used dynamic page-generation technology called ASP 23). In a client/server architecture, an optional ____ is sometimes used to pass bulk information to the server ENTITY BODY 24). based machines are more popular and believed to be more secure for running a Web server. UNIX 25). is also known as unsolicited commercial e-mail. SPAM 26). A program called ____ tests the connectivity between two computers connected to the Internet. PING 27). TELNET is a program that allows users to log onto a computer that is connected to the Internet. 28). An ORPHAN file is a file on a Web site that is not linked to any page 29). Independent testing labs such as MINDCRAFT test software, hardware systems, and network products for users.

30). Because of software scalability, a high-traffic electronic commerce site, with thousands of catalog inquiries each minute, can use the same software as a small online shop selling a dozen items FALSE 31). Commerce Service Providers often offer Web server management and rent application software to businesses 32). In the earlier days of electronic commerce, shoppers selected items they wanted to purchase by filling out ONLINE FORMS 33). One way to uniquely identify users and to store information about their choices is to create and store COOKIES 34). APPLICATION INTEGRATION is accomplished by programs that transfer information from one application to another. 35). The term WEB SERVICES is defined as: a self-contained, modular unit of application logic that provides some business functionality to other applications through an Internet connection. 35). ERP software packages integrate all facets of a business, including planning, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing. 36). DATA MINING is used to look for hidden patterns in data. 37). Commerce Server 2007 is produced by MICROSOFT 38). Indexing Management software is a type of software designed to help businesses manage the information in documents (rather than the documents themselves). 39). Threats that are deemed low risk and unlikely to occur can be ignored when the cost to protect against the threat exceeds the value of the protected asset. TRUE 40). is the protection of computer assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction COMPUTER SECUIRTY 41). Protection of assets using nonphysical means is called LOGICAL SECURITY

42). Which of the following refers to preventing unauthorized data modification? INTEGRITY 43). ACTIVE CONTENT refers to programs that are embedded transparently in Web pages and that cause action to occur. 44). Java is a programming language developed by SUN MICROSYSTEMS 45). VIRUS is software that attaches itself to another program and can cause damage when the host program is activated. 46). Special software applications called ____ provide the means to record information that passes through a computer or router that is handling Internet traffic. SNIFFER PROGRAMS 47). SPOOFING is pretending to be someone you are not or representing a Web site as an original when it is really a fake. 48). BUFFER is an area of memory set aside to hold data read from a file or database.