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(Batch 2011-13)

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Guidelines to prepare the Report 1. How should the report layout look like?
It has been long and widely accepted by the academic community, regardless of the field of interest that reports (of which a project report is an example) benefit from a uniform layout, for many reasons. The most important of these are: clarity, conciseness, logic, comparability, and ease of publishing. Roughly, the layout should look as follows:
Table 1: report layout



No. of pages (approx.)

1 2 3 4 5

7 8 9

Title page 1 Summary 1 Abbreviations 1 Table of contents, list of tables and figures 1 Introduction 2 to 3 Background/ history of NGO , Vision & mission statement Aim/objectives Activities undertaken by the NGO Student Project Activities 5 to 9 Description of the project theme & area (location, if any) Project Objectives Major activities Outputs/ Outcomes/ Results recommendations IF a research / survey work was part of the internship then it must clearly state research methodology data analysis (presented through graphs and charts) findings conclusion Over all Conclusions and recommendations to the NGO 1 to 3 Learnings accumulated to 1 page References/ Bibliography Annexes

Font Size The entire text should have 1.15-line spacing in Times New Roman nr 12, and contain between 20 -30 pages (excluding annexes). Boxes, tables and figures Insert then caption choose box, chart, equation, figure, table or make another heading of your own. The numbering of the box/table/chart/figure ect. will automatically appear.


Annexes The annexes should be included at the end of the report. Thisshallcontaincopyofthe blankquestionnaire;Listofcontactsotherthanthoseusedinconsumerresearch,Any othersecondaryreports

2. How to title the reports?

Titles could emerge from the objectives of the activities undertaken, any previous study done in the area/ theme major focus of work

3. Guidelines to prepare the Executive Summary

An executive summary is a condensed version of a longer piece of writing that highlights the major points covered; it concisely describes the content and scope of the writing, and reviews the writings contents in abbreviated form. It is a long abstract that contains an overall resume of the report. The reader should be able to pick up from the summary what the project entailed, how it was undertaken and an indication of what was found out. Also remember that it is prepared for the benefit of senior executives who do not have time to read the entire report What should a summary contain? Introduction to the topic of the research (problem statement) Main objective(s) of the research Presentation of the methodology used Presentation of the main finding(s) Presentation of the main conclusion(s) and or recommendation(s)

How long should a summary be? Length of the summary: Maximum 700 words

Thedatecanbepresentedinanyofthefollowingforms: Tabular :Ensurethatthereisatablenumber,titleforthetable,unitsforthe columnsandrows,referenceiftakenfromsecondarysource. Charts:Youcanusepiechartandhistograms.Giveappropriateunits.Thebar chartscanbegivenindifferentformslikehorizontal,vertical,mixedandothers Graphs:GivecorrectunitstotheX&Yaxis

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Pictograph : These are typically used for population studies and shows a caricatureof personsperfamilyandsoon Cartogram:Theseareusedonthebackdropofthemapofthecountryshowing plant locations,warehouses,distributors,salesindifferentterritoriesandothers

5. Presenting Results and discussion

Present your results in a logical sequence, highlighting what is important and how the data you obtained have been analysed to provide the results you discuss. You should discuss what you infer from the data. You need to adopt a critical approach. Make sure that all diagrams, graphs etc. are properly labeled and have a caption.

6. Writing the Conclusion

You should include a concise version of your discussion, highlighting what you found out, what problems you had, and what might be done in the future to remedy them. You should also indicate how the investigation could usefully be continued.