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Bn sas journey we call Ife, we sometimes tend w forget the value of medintion, as we ose curseives in the mare af living in she fast lane, “and God Siniled Back” comes as a breath af flesh air because tt serves at a migger Jfor rajleerion ond soul searching, Jt sets a milepost of hope which proves thar we are not only humans on a wek (for spiritual fulfillment but spiritual begs undergoing umnan experience His Excellency Ambassador Luis Cruz Philippine Ambassador to Korea And Cod Shiled Back is a eempilation of stories and reflections wold fram a rich soures of personal experiance and spivinual tnsighs, This isone of the fiw Seoks, nowadays, written by a Filiphomnlgrant and missionary Fr. Alvin Parontar, ASSP Chaplain, Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community This collection afmaranves 11 a celebration ofa Ife bome aut of'light and shadows, ofmeanng acquired fiom beauty and pain of glory and bove i the midst of chaos and comission. As you go trough the pages, Epray that you, hike me, would find comfort a her words, wisdem #9 her realinations, and supivanion ther childlike faith Prof. Josefina, San Akiquel, Ph.D Director, Alumni ond Public Affairs, Colegio de Son Tuan de Letran-Colomba. “aad GOO Smiled MeckZis abook about .. my memorable childhood experimees; how God used people to reveal His love and presence fo me; my joys and sweaesses; my struggles and pains as @ wif, a solo parent, a survivor; my oxperiances as a missionary and a migrant worker; my weaknosses, limmtations, siypiiness and finlures; but most of all “end GOO Suid Tach,” is a love story between God and myself, and your own lave story, too Tencowage yon to invite Hira, too. Say “Lord, come and see...” as you read, reflect, and see yourself inthis book. [ pray for each and every one who will read this book. May God, inspite you too, in the same way He hispized me, AMEN.