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Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Jurisprudential Wizard, Vol.


Al Queda and Opus Dei

A Fantasy Novel

The Father Fitzgerald Novel series is a work of fiction, and any

resemblence of any the characters or organizations named herein is

purely coincidental.


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

“Well, Dan, welcome to Street Law practice in Bella Vista.” Said Tony Fitzgerald.

“Thanks, Tony. Well, have you got it figured out yet? What the Hell happended to me? I

mean who is responsible?” “Well,” said Father Tony, “it’s complicated, but here it is.

The Lutheran Church is not ecumenical. In fact, there is a faction in the Lutheran

Church which is anti-Catholic. This crowd has two Satanic Cults that it uses, first The

Sons of Leviathan, and second The Sons of Luther. Every member of the Sons of Luther

is required to murder a catholic priest by the time the member reaches age 40. Because

of the priest shortage, the Sons of Luther also target “spiritual catholics” or “social justice

catholics” for murder. If they can’t kill you then they put you in penury in an effort to

get you to reject Catholicism and become protestant, or commit suidcide.”

“So, anyway, Dan, they went after you because you are a both a spiritual catholic

and a social justice catholic. The reason that they are so effective is that they have

Lutheran CIA agents and FBI agents who help them to set up catholics. The

organization that they use to do this is called Opus Dei. Opus Dei is both Lutheran and
Nazi. As you may recall, catholic germans, especially religious, ended up in

concentration camps during the Hitler regime, while Lutherans supported Hitler.

Remember the World Trade Center Terrorist attack? Well, that was done by Al Queda,

which is also a Lutheran terrorist organization. The President of the United States

converted to Lutheranism after 9/11 and then conspired with Opus Dei and Al Queda to

blame catholics for the terrorist attack. In fact the FBI profile for probable Al Queda

suspects includes Jesuits, intellectual catholics, spiritual catholics, and social justice


“So what do I do now?” asked Dan. “Well, what I and my classmates did in the

Novitiate was to become Thomists and Druids. When you do this, they register you as

protestant and leave you alone. That’s my suggestion.” Said Father Tony. “All right, I’ll

give it a try” said Dan. (To be continued).