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Solyndra CRO Report Final

Solyndra CRO Report Final

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Published by: Fortune on Mar 27, 2012
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As noted above, in 2000, Germany passed a law which introduced a FiT for electricity

produced from solar PV systems. The FiT was designed to pay a guaranteed rate over a 20-year

period with built-in annual reductions.85

In a presentation to Solyndra’s board dated April 13,

2010, Germany was identified as the “largest and (most) predictable PV market.”86

This board

presentation also predicted that Germany’s share of the global commercial and industrial (C&I)

market will grow from 1,172 MW in 2010 to 1,756 MW in 2013. This estimated demand is over

twice the annual demand of any other country, with the exception of the United States, which

was estimated to grow from 460 MW in 2010 to 2,674 MW in 2013.

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