YMCA of Greater Des Moines Spring 2012 Flag Football 5th-6th Grade Schedule

A. B. C. D. Cowboys(Robert Gomez) ???(???????) Lions(Scott Gass) ???(Chad Feeney)

First Team listed will be the Home Team and wear Blue Jerseys *Denotes Double Header Sunday, April 15th Sunday, April 22nd Sunday, April 29th 2:00 (1) A vs B 2:00 (1) B vs D 2:00 (1) B vs C 3:00 (1) C vs D 3:00 (1) A vs C 3:00 (1) A vs D Picture Day Sunday, May 13th Sunday, May 20th 2:00 (1) *C vs *D 2:00 (1) *A vs B 3:00 (1) *C vs B 3:00 (1) *A vs D 3:00 (4) A vs *D Please play, cheer, coach and act in a way that reflects the YMCA Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Honesty All Games are played at Valley Stadium: 3550 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, 50265 The number in ( ) after the time indicates field number Picture forms will be handed out on April 15th Cancellation Policy – In the case that severe weather would cause for cancellation, games will be called off approximately one hour before the first game. All cancellations can be found on the Waukee Family YMCA website at www.waukeeymca.org or by calling the Walnut Creek YMCA at 224-1888. Sunday, May 6th 2:00 (1) B vs D 3:00 (1) A vs C

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