Traits in a

I. Student –centered and teacher -focused a. All students can learn and be successful b. Values students, teachers, staff II. Focus on Academic Achievement a. Proven track record b. Academic Visionary c. Design a systemic process that cultivates high academic achievement for every student d. Strong belief in professional development for all staff III. Values public education a. Transparent IV. Diversity a. Practices diversity in thoughts and actions via track record b. Belief in and evidence of equity via track record V. Innovative in thoughts and adapts to the signs of data VI. Ability to effectively communicate at all levels from students to CEOs a. Confident b. Decisive c. Fosters teamwork – internally and externally VII.Acts with integrity a. Honest b. Forthright c. Trustworthy VIII. Motivational a. Ability to inspire and motivate employees to achieve excellence b. Ability to create a high level of expectations throughout the district

IX. Politically aware but does not make decisions based on outside groups influence X. Purposeful in Goal-setting and achievement a. Common goals for district b. Data focused and data driven c. Competent Problem Solver XI. Strong Collaborator a. Students b. Teachers c. Community d. Religious sector e. Business community, etc. XII.Transformational Leader a. Define a transformational education leader b. Transformational not transitional c. Transformational vision