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The purpose of this interview was to establish the perceived impact of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) on Public Relations from the point of view of a practioner, and will serve as an aid to a more detailed look in the form of my dissertation. My aim is to establish what benefits will arise from implementing a social media campaign for a public relations firm/department and how these benefits can be measured and defined. Also what techniques have proved most affective and what practitioners attitudes are towards social media and if there are any trends arising. My objectives are to gain an overview of the rise of social media and its use within businesses with a specific look at its use by public relations specialists by conducting in depth face to face interviews, using Skype and telephone interviews with PR specialists and their thoughts on social media

I have chosen to conduct face to face (via Skype) and telephone interviews because the practioners I contacted are London based. Research Technique Justification Here you need to refer to the methodological literature. Define your research technique Justify why the chosen technique is appropriate under your specific circumstances (is it relevant to compare you chosen technique with preferable alternatives, e.g. telephone interviews versus face to face interviews

Data Collection What you did and why(in terms of your own data collection) Sample who was interviewed, when (date of interviews), where (location) (profile information in a table?) Interview procedure e.g o Interview questions (Interview schedule/focus group discussion guide; prompts, projective techniques provide evidence in Appendix) use of audio-recording equipment,

Length of interviews, provision of refreshments

Post-interview procedure e.g. themed summaries (provide evidence in Appendix), transcripts (provide evidence in Appendix).

Data Analysis Describe the analytical process you followed.


Consider data display (discussed in a later lecture)

Discussion and Reflections

Consider not just what you found in light of your aims/objectives but also reflect on the process, e.g. future research direction, your skills as an interviewer

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