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Name of candidate: Carlton Crooks Name of School: Grange Hill high School Centre # Candidate # Name of Teacher: Ms A.

Campbell Territory: Jamaica Syllabus Relevance: Individual, family and Society. Title: A examination of causes of child abuse in the Community of Top Road Little London.

Page Acknowledgement Introduction Statement of the problem Rationale Method of Investigation Instrument use to Collect Data Procedures use to collect Data Presentation of Data Interpretation & Analysis of Data Statement of Findings Recommendation and Implement Strategies Bibliography Appendix

I would like to give special thanks to all who have helped to make this project a success. My mother provides financial and emotional support. Special thanks to the respondents of Top Road who spent time answering and returning questionnaires on time so that data could be gathered and presented. Last but not least to my Social Studies teacher, Miss Campbell who demonstrated steps that should be followed when presenting a research of this nature.

This research was done in Top Road Little London Westmoreland which is in the country of Cornwall. The main economic activity in the area is entrepreneurship: individuals operate their own businesses. The population in the area is approximately two hundred and seventy. Map of Jamaica showing where research was done

I have been living in Top Road for the past five year and often a number of children have been abused by their parents. According to child abuse may be defined as . The researcher has noticed children with bruises, welts and has heard cries from physical beatings. Hence, a decision was taken to carry out an investigation into the causes of child abuse.

What factors contribute towards child abuse in Top Road, Little London?

Research Questions

1. What are the causes of child abuse? In Top Road?

2. How does child abuse affect victims living in Top Road?

3. What can be done to reduce the level of child abuse in Top Road?

In order to collect the necessary data for this project, the researcher chose questionnaire. This decision was made due to the advantages of this data gathering method, these include:

The questionnaire is less time consuming for the researcher, than an interview.

It guaranteed anonymity as personal details to identify individuals were not included.

It is fairly inexpensive when compared to other methods of collecting data.

It gathered data from a wide cross section of the population

Dear Respondent, This research / project is being carried out in order to investigate the causes of child abuse in Top Road. Project is being undertaken as an assignment required for a Social Studies course that I am pursuing presently. Hence, a research was chosen on the above topic. Your confidence is greatly assured. The researcher will not reveal personal details so that anyone can be identified. No one will have any idea relating to who answered a question in any particular way. This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. Most questions can be answered by putting a tick in a box beside the chosen answer, like this Thank you Your sincerely Carlton Crooks Grange Hill High School Student

As I have been an residence of this area