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~~ SEIN TID yN a 2 REWAR DE (Uencrtt ine e neue e @ 58t [cosmo o> Heinemann English Language Teaching ‘Adivision of Reed Educational and Professional Publishing Limited, Valley Court, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 81) OXFORD MADRID FLORENCE ATHENS PARIS PRAGUE ‘SKOPAULO MEXICO CITY CHICAGO PORTSMOUTH (NH) TOKYO SINGAPORE KUALALUMPUR MELBOURNE AUCKLAND JOHANNESBURG IBADAN GABORONE. ISBN 0.435 24034 ‘Text © Susan Kay and'The Lake School of English 1996 ‘Design and lustration ©Reed Educational and Professional Publishing, Limited 1996 First published 1996 Permission to copy ‘The material in this book is copyright, However, the publisher grants permission for copies of pages to be made without fee on those pages ‘marked with the PHOTOCOPIABLE symbol, Private purchasers may make copies for their own use orfor use by Classes of which they rein charge; school purchasers may make copies for use within and by the staff and students ofthe school only ‘This permission does not extend to addtional schools or branches of aninsttution, who should purchase a separate master copy of the book for their own use, For copying in anyother circumstances, prior permission in writing must be obtained from Heinemann English Language Teaching. Designed byD 8 )Bunter Cover design by Stafford & Stafford Ilustrations by Cathy Bale, Kathy Baxendale, Peter Bul, Joan Coriass, Keith Cowlam, David Downton, Magele Ling, Gillan Martin, Bd Mclachlan, Simon Smith Author's acknowledgements ~toallatthe Lake School for their help and encouragement. ~toallthe ELT teachers, trainers and authors whose ideas have used ~to Helena Gomm for her thorough and efficent editing. ~to Simon Greenall and Catherine Smith for their support. tenet Sevens Permission to use their text: s ‘Greene & Heaton Lid fr an extract from Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson, © Bil Bryson, 1995; John Johnson (Author's Agent) Lad fora ‘extract from The Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge, published by Penguin ‘Books, 1993; David Maie for an extractin ‘Moral Judgements, from his ‘tame You be the Judge, published by JW Spear & Soas PEC, © 1995; Peters, Fraser & Dunlop Group Lad for extracts froma quiz oa hagasing By Sandy Toksvig, from Good Houseleceping, © 1995; Peoguin UK for extracts ‘rom The Earty Times Book of Unsolved Mystortes, published by Puffin Books; Piadilly Press and John Farman for extracts from A Suspictously ‘Simple History of Sctence, Reades's Digest Association Lid foran extract "Facts and Myths’ from Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, © 1975. Printed and bound in Great Britain by Seowprint Lad, Musselburgh. 97 98 99 1098765432 orkahect Interaction “Sli 2 activity Time Grammar nd functions ins) a iiadibiaidaiies Piwok Wang” Commumcane «Gah ‘anword ‘Seating cere) Ferment tow dove puts igo swe a calae No siceas = Ficus tlaboriag 7 Groped Spaieg Cane BR) ePnardero ode pry fies Meteams Tacs pes ande wenger cot Mates eww Tao sposbe “bcc dines Pawnk Gepmak Foss dea To whokcae sewer “rope sho ah pase oa ving iil ee SeTeam “Factowrssaar “ee sed cies Wing Spolire eter cope Topressapatiers aay Gee = ng phe pven word ho 2 “ih Faapecsnarscoe ‘sg focand ing onions etme ts Den lire aes oc ent - ermaonaba tj et ond conidial sama wich Te aac coc Fan wm “Tungsten elton sndprebtitonin te pas “akg aa pesmi he pes “alg sar waa saan weone ep copaeneanee hepa wor tatorpcole eh eta ns ‘Wher pace ties prctsnple resivronines ing bow typi dayavonene ie f aprning rato hep wl _itcodiontt abo nage inte Pastand oder ees May hat it sero have irs Conan no cerain Wisk op ipl erste ES eeu = re Tiaahebewinoecero ae G2 Winns cases or nowat pres Dekeng rine cbans Thor gl hho tater tgs Went cea wonfortnes Test Sle Bok Leos TN Tommabie maaan Wasoterpresne nt) ‘Patotivo pea aur pat Mayans ogc hareta oa somcthing