The Spirit of Seigokan

5 August 2004

“In the Spirit of Seigokan”
Yukiaki Yoki Seigokan Overseas Head Director What is “the Spirit of Seigokan’? - Honesty - Modesty - Perseverance These are the basical manner in learning and training Karate-Do which Many other Karate-Do Schools have similar words as “ Dojo Kun” The Spirit of Seigokan has been established by our late and beloved founder, TADA Seigo sensei. Tada sensei used to stress three very important personal qualities or traits for every Seigokan members. Yes, these should be the Basic. Tada Seigo Sensei used to say Karate-Do is to built up, establish one’s character. So you could translate it as Karate-Do is the Way of Life However, Tada Sensei in the bottom of his heart that every students are his Son’s and Daughter’s . This heart kept by Mrs. Seigo ( Tada Seigo II and Tada Seigo III ) So , we call ourselves “ Seigokan Family “ Moreover, we should know “Teaching and Instructing is learning “ Instructors benefits more than his or her students in instructing and training Together. Even some senior instructor consider that he had been contributed so much in his life to Tada sensei or for Seigokan, well, this is a very dangerous thought as it means Tada Sensei owe him or us, on the contrary, we all owe Tada Sensei so much which unable to return. If we make wrong error thought, we will step out of the way of life, I’ve detected some disaster in the past. Tada Sensei used to worry about too much Sports Karate would loose Principal of Karate-Do that’s we should be able to distinguish between Karate-Do and Sports Karate. My personal opinion the spirits of Seigokan , I am still under going way to find To feel Tada Sensei spirits, there is no achievement except keep go on Yukiaki Yoki

“In the Spirit of Seigokan”

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