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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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2.15 Explain when and why the kernel will need to be recompiled

Immediately after installation, you may encounter situations in which you are
required to upgrade the system. Although the Linux kernel has seen many
advances, it may not fulfill the needs of your system. For this reason, the kernel
(which is available at www.kernel.org/) is updated often. You may have several
reasons to update the kernel on your system, including the following:

Stability:Although a released stable kernel is usually of high quality, many
issues can still arise. This is why additional kernel releases are often more sta-
ble than the previous release.

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Chapter 5 ✦Advanced Installation

Hardware support:You probably need to upgrade to a version 2.0 kernel or
higher in order to achieve support for many of the new hardware devices that
are available today. For example, the 2.4 kernel has vastly improved support
for Fibre Channel devices. This is not the only reason to upgrade a kernel, but
it is perhaps the most driving force behind kernel development. The ability to
use Linux with USB, IEEE-1394, Fibre Channel, and many other new technolo-
gies drives developers to create a new kernel to provide better support for
these pieces of hardware.

Hardware platforms: The newest processors often benefit from having the
kernel optimized for their use. By providing an updated kernel, the system will
be able to use the CPU more efficiently.

Package support:Some software packages don’t run well—or don’t even run
at all—on older kernel versions, and these packages are often required to use
the Linux system.

Regardless of the reasons for upgrading the kernel, installers should be competent
at performing this task.

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