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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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The NIS is configured for the client in order to allow them to participate in an NIS
network. To participate as an NIS client, you need the ypbind, ypwhich, ypcat,
yppoll, ypmatch programs. The most important program is ypbind, so it must be
running at all times; it is a daemon process and needs to be started from the sys-
tem’s startup file, such as /etc/init.d/nis, /sbin/init.d/ypclient,
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ypbind, and /etc/rc.local. Hopefully, you planned for these
packages during the installation of the Linux distribution and they are already
installed and configured to start when the system boots. If this is not the case, and
if the files are needed for installation, they are available at www.kernel.org(tar-
ball) and www.redhat.com(for RPM versions).

See Chapter 5 for more information on software installation.

The location of the ypbind daemon is typically the /usr/sbindirectory. The other
binaries (ypwhich, ypcat, yppasswd, yppoll, ypmatch) are normally located in
/usr/bin. Most current ypbind versions have a configuration file called
/etc/yp.conf. For host lookups, you must add “nis” to the lookup order line in
your /etc/host.conffile, or you can configure it with linuxconf, as shown in
Figure 7-20.

Figure 7-20:Configuring NIS with linuxconf

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Chapter 7 ✦Configuring Networking

Use the following checklist to test NIS connectivity:

1.Start up /usr/sbin/portmap.

2.Start up /usr/sbin/ypbind.

3.Use the command rpcinfo -p localhostto check if ypbind is registered
with the portmapper.

4.Run rpcinfo -u localhost ypbind.

5.The command ypcat passwd.bynameprovides you with the entire NIS pass-
word database.

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