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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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Published by: Marcelo on Dec 18, 2008
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There are some prominent issues that must be resolved before more users will have
the desire to switch to Linux. Most commercial application software is written for
Microsoft or Mac OS, and even though some are ported to Linux, a large number of
popular software applications are still not available. Some hardware is also not sup-
ported to the fullest capability possible. Linux relies on vendors to make their
drivers or hardware open to developers. Some manufacturers don’t release infor-
mation for their hardware. This lack of information can cause the user some diffi-
culty in configuring the hardware—especially if no drivers are available for the
device. It can take a long time for a developer to write a Linux driver for recently
released hardware devices. These issues are decreasing in number as new releases
of the Linux kernel make improvements on support for 3D graphics, USB, IEEE1394,
and virtually any other new hardware technology.

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