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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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Published by: Marcelo on Dec 18, 2008
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By using the gdb(GNU Debugger) program, you can analyze your program’s
coredump files and also debug the application while it is actually running.
Youcaninvoke the program on a core file by issuing the following command:

gdb -c core

This command launches the gdbprogram on a core file called “core,” and displays
the name of the program that created the core file and the signal on which the pro-
gram terminated.

The following is an example of the output of the gdbcommand on a core file from
the Apache Web server:

Core was generated by `httpd’.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
gdb> bt
#0 0x5c8b1674 in ?? ()
#1 0x4018df03 in zend_hash_add_or_update (ht=0x143280,
arKey=0x4018aa3d “stdclass”, nKeyLength=9, pData=0x40253000,
nDataSize=128, pDest=0x0, flag=2) at zend_hash.c:284
#2 0x4018ab45 in register_standard_class () at zend.c:243
#3 0x4018ad06 in zend_startup (utility_functions=0xefbfd770, extensions=0x0,
start_builtin_functions=1) at zend.c:371
#4 0x401a548e in php_module_startup (sf=0xc8000) at main.c:807
#5 0x401a26dc in php_apache_startup (sapi_module=0xc8000) at mod_php4.c:270
#6 0x401a313c in php_init_handler (s=0xf6034, p=0xf600c) at mod_php4.c:694
#7 0x3d5d9 in ap_init_modules ()
#8 0x4b2b9 in main ()

The average user or system administrator may never need to use this information,
but it is very valuable to programmers. The following is a list of commands that can
be used in gdb.

✦quit: Terminate gdb

✦where: Show the call stack where execution has been halted

✦p: Print the value of a variable or expression

184881-6 ch12.F 11/12/01 8:31 AM Page 392


Chapter 12 ✦Linux Disk and System Management

✦up: Refocus gdbup one function in the call stack

✦down: Refocus gdbdown one function in the call stack

✦help: Get help for a command

✦run: Start execution of a program

✦b: Set a breakpoint at a line or function

✦clear: Clear a breakpoint from a line or function

✦commands: Set commands to be executed when a breakpoint is hit

✦s: Execute one more line (possibly in a subroutine)

✦n: Execute to next line of current function

✦continue: Continue execution to next breakpoint

✦watch: Watch for a change in an expression (this can be slow)

✦list: List source lines of a function

You dont need to know the gdbtool in detail, but you do need to know its func-
tion, and when to delete a core dump or forward it to a programmer.

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