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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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Published by: Marcelo on Dec 18, 2008
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When you think of backups, the most typical type of storage media that probably
comes to mind is the tape drive. Although the tape drive is still the backbone of
most backup strategies, you can use other devices for backup purposes. Your
choice for storage device and media will ultimately depend on the number of
servers and size of your data backup requirements:

214881-6 ch15.F 11/12/01 8:31 AM Page 462


Chapter 15 ✦Backing Up Your Linux System

Floppy Disk:Good for making copies of your configuration files, such as /etc
directory, because the size is very small and the disk can only hold 1.44MB.
Not suitable for regular backups of your data.

Magnetic Cartridge:This type of magnetic media can hold from 100MB to 2GB
of information on one cartridge. This is a good size media for use with small
partitions, but not very useful in a larger environment.

CD-ROM:Can hold up to 600MB of information. Most often, CDs are used to
archive data because of their durability and portability. For regular backups,
however, CD-ROMs aren’t recommended.

Disk:This type simply copies your data to a different location (preferably
another machine). Usually, the files are combined and compressed into an
archive for easy retrieval. Disk backups, however, are susceptible to disk
failures—just like regular data. Therefore, they are usually used in conjunc-
tion with tape backups. Disk backups can also take an enormous amount of

Tape:The most popular type of backup system. Tape drives come in a variety
of sizes and media capacities. Magnetic tapes are reliable, can store a large
amount of information, and can easily be transported to another location for
protection in offsite storage. However, the drives must be constantly main-
tained through regular cleanings to remove buildup on the tape heads and to
prevent tapes from being damaged.

Know the different types of backup methods, rotation schemes, and devices that
can be used for backing up different types of files and systems.

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