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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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Published by: Marcelo on Dec 18, 2008
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Although word processing, spreadsheets, and databases are very important in
today’s enterprise environment, Web browsing may have as much significance in
performing and staying informed in the business world. Linux can be used to sup-
port Web browsing with several programs, such as Netscape, Opera, and
Konqueror. Netscape, Opera, and Konqueror support most Web sites, and users
find the browser interfaces easy to use. Therefore, Linux enables users to browse
the Internet as easily as they can with any other operating system—but some prob-
lems can occur. One of the problems that can arise when using Linux to browse the
Web is non-compatibility with some Web sites that use certain proprietary code.
The reality of the current Web marketplace is that Microsoft products have become
widely used in many areas. Because Web designers have no formal standard that
must be adhered to when building a Web page, it is possible, and increasingly com-
mon, for designers to leverage browser-specific features built into Microsoft’s
Internet Explorer. Because Microsoft does not support a Linux version of Internet
Explorer, some Web pages may not display as intended on the popular Linux

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Chapter 3 ✦Pre-Installation Planning

browser applications. If the browser doesn’t understand the information being sent
from the Web page, it may fail to display the page or cause part or all of a page to
be corrupted. As the popularity of Linux—and Linux Web browsers in particular—
increases, it will hopefully encourage Web developers to write code that adheres to
industry standards, rather than create proprietary solutions that only work on cer-
tain browsers.

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