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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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Published by: Marcelo on Dec 18, 2008
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Linux provides virtually any application that a user in the enterprise environment
needs. For example, do you need a chat or pop-up client to make interoffice com-
munications easier? Try kiam, kicq, kpopup, kTuxPop, or kYahoo, which all provide
connectivity to instant messaging applications, such as AOL Instant Messenger
(AIM), Yahoo instant messaging, and even Winpopup compatibility. Integrated office

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Part II ✦Installation

suites, such as KOffice and StarOffice, provide a complete package of Office-
compatible programs, including Kivio, which is a Visio-style flowcharting applica-
tion. Linux also includes PIM (Personal Information Manager) and Palm organizer
support software, and programs that allow users to manipulate graphics, such as
GIMP, Krayon, and the vector drawing application, Killustrator. You can also send a
fax by using Linux with programs such as sendfax, kphonecenter, and SendfaKs.
Scheduling tools are also available in software packages, such as StarOffice
Schedule. Presentation applications include Corel Presentations, Kpresenter,
andStarOffice Impress, among others.

Virtually anysoftware program is available for Linux; however, some applications
have issues of non-compatibility due to the Closed Source nature of commercial
applications. Microsoft has yet to port any of their very popular software versions
to the Linux operating system. Many Microsoft formats are not supported on the
Web or in e-mail programs. This is one reason that an enterprise may not fully
deploy Linux as a desktop service. Regardless of how well Linux is suited for the
desktop, however, you have many compelling reasons for deploying Linux on the
server side, and possibly replacing UNIX, Microsoft, and Novell desktops in the
enterprise server environment.

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