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Linux Certification Bible

Linux Certification Bible


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2.3 Select appropriate parameters for Linux installation (e.g., language, time zones,
keyboard, mouse)

At this point, you need to provide some general information to the Linux installa-
tion before it can proceed. The following sections outline this information.


First, the installer must select the language that the installation will proceed in.
This choice sets the language for the rest of the installation. If the wrong language
is selected, the installer may find that he or she won’t be able to read the options
correctly to move forward or backward in the installation process. Therefore, you
should use care in selecting the language, as shown in Figure 4-3.

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Part II ✦Installation

Figure 4-3:The Red Hat language selection screen

Licensing agreement

You must accept a licensing agreement before continuing to install the Linux oper-
ating system and any additional packages included with the distribution. Read this
statement completely because it may contain licensing that doesn’t meet the needs
of the installation. If you do find an issue with the licensing agreement, don’t install
the software—find a distribution without the hindering license or with the knowl-
edge that the license needs to be followed.

Keyboard and mouse

After the installer has agreed to the license, the system usually presents some other
simple configuration questions, which usually involve the following:

✦The selection of a mouse

✦The selection of a keyboard model

✦The type of installation

✦The level of security of the installation

✦The layout that is being used

✦The selection of special features, such as Internet buttons

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Chapter 4 ✦Installing Linux

After these configuration questions have been answered and the features correctly
selected, the installer can move on to selecting the mouse attached to the unit.
Hopefully, the mouse has already been working at a minimum level. However, you
select the actual type of mouse from a list that gives you the option of allowing a
two-button mouse to emulate a three-button mouse. Notice the help window in
Figure 4-4 that provides some basic help in selecting the correct mouse.

Figure 4-4:The Red Hat mouse configuration screen

Unlike other operating systems, Linux uses the capabilities of a three-button mouse
to provide various features:

✦The left button is the standard button for selecting items in a windows

✦The right button is used to bring up a secondary menu in the active window

✦The third button is used for special features of an application or window

This usually completes the basic configuration, and the installer can continue with
the installation of Linux.

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Part II ✦Installation

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