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CNDI - Natural Gas DA

CNDI - Natural Gas DA

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High energy prices now killing the chemical industry
Investor’s Chronicle
, 12/22/2004 (lexis)
Meanwhile, higher energy prices remain a problem . The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) claims that
unsustainable price hikes are putting the sector under severe pressure, and it's calling on the government to
review what it sees as a serious threat to the industry. "A competitively-priced and secure supply of energy
is a key element to the sustainable future of the UK chemical industry," says CIA director general Judith
Hackett. "The present position leaves business unable to plan for either the short term or long term."
In October, the House of Commons' Trade and Industry Select Committee began an enquiry into the recent
increases in gas and electricity prices. In the meantime, the CIA claims that companies will be paying up to
40 per cent more for gas than European counterparts.

Chemical industry losing now
The Advocate, 2004
(10/12, lexis)
Despite oil prices of more than $50 per barrel, exploration and production activity in the Gulf of Mexico
has lagged, and the state as a whole has not seen economic activity on par with some of the other oil-
producing states such as Texas and Oklahoma.
Revette said his office will be looking into the reason for the lag.
High energy prices also have been hurting the chemical industry, which uses natural gas as a fuel and
feedstock to make its products.
The industry has been shutting down production and indicated the bulk of its expansion and capital
investment will go overseas, where prices are cheaper.


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