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1 -Who are you? (Quem s tu?

2 -Whats your name? (Como te chamas?)
3 -Whats your surname / last name? (Qual o teu apelido / ltimo nome?)
4 -Whats your first name? (Qual o teu primeiro nome?)
5 -Whats your full name? (Qual o teu nome completo?)
6 -Whats your nickname? (Qual a tua alcunha / diminutivo?)
7 -What nationality are you? / Whats your nationality? (Qual a tua
8 - What colour is your book? (De que cor o teu livro?)
9 -Whats your favourite colour? (Qual a tua cor preferida?)
10 - Whats the weather like? (Como est o tempo?)
11 -Whats your job? (Qual a tua profisso?)
12 - How are you? (Como ests?)
13 -How old are you? (Que idade tens?)
14 -When is your birthday? (Quando o teu aniversrio?)
15 -Where are you from? (De onde s?)
16 -Where is London? (Onde fica Londres?)

Nota: - Nas perguntas o verbo vem antes do sujeito, mas nas

respostas o verbo vem depois do sujeito!
- No esquecer que quando a resposta comea por Yes ou no, a
pergunta comea pelo verbo!

Ask questions:
1 ____________________________________________________________________?
Yes, it is. His birthday is in August.
2 ____________________________________________________________________?
Today its cloudy and warm.
3 ____________________________________________________________________?
Julian is from France.
4 ____________________________________________________________________?
She is an architect.
5 ____________________________________________________________________?
They are Greek.
6 ____________________________________________________________________?
Yes, he is. He is short and slim.
7 ____________________________________________________________________?
She is my cousin.
8 ____________________________________________________________________?
No, it isnt. The pencil is in the bag.
9 ____________________________________________________________________?
They are fourteen years old.
10 ___________________________________________________________________?
No, it isnt. Today its snowy and very cold.
11 ___________________________________________________________________?
Their favourite colours are orange and yellow.
12 ___________________________________________________________________?
My fathers name is Anthony.
13 ___________________________________________________________________?
No, they arent. They are from Argentina.
14 ___________________________________________________________________?
Yes, they are. They are Welsh.
15 ___________________________________________________________________?
That is a pencil sharpener.

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