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Principled Leader - Resources to Win

Principled Leader - Resources to Win

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Published by: rouengroup on May 09, 2012
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Dear HD 49A Delegates/Alternates: During the last several weeks I have had the opportunity to get to know

many of you either in person or over the phone. The meaningful insights and advice that I’ve taken away from so many of your conversations is a starting point, in what I hope will be an ongoing dialogue with you in my candidacy to ensure that we have a conservative representing Edina in the State Legislature. As many of you know, I’m not a party insider but rather someone who will bring a fresh outlook and creative ideas to the table. I’m not, nor do I ever have the intention of being, a career politician, I’ve never held an elected office. I’m a private sector guy who is running to bring small business logic to our State Capitol, plain and simple. My experience doesn’t come from working within our state bureaucracies, but rather from years of real world experience building a successful small business. A few might view these characteristics as a weakness of my candidacy, but I view them as some of my strongest attributes. Not only do they represent who I am as person, but they also serve as some of the fundamental reasons why I’m running and best positioned to champion the reforms that result in a more limited government that we all believe in. No matter who receives the endorsement, which I have promised to abide by, this House seat will surely be one of the top targeted races in the state. The reality is that the Republican candidate will need to have a superior fundraising network to raise substantial sums of money to complete in the general election. I understand this and firmly believe that given my current relationships I’ve developed throughout my career, I can deliver the resources needed to implement a potent campaign from top to bottom. We face a stark choice come November in our state. The differences couldn’t be clearer. Governor Dayton and the Democrats in St. Paul want the government to continue to erode away our personal liberties through excessive regulation, spending and tax increases. Conservative Republicans, like myself, are focused on championing more economic freedom, providing you with more responsibility in making the choices that best fit you and your family.

Tomorrow our Senate District will endorse a Republican candidate to run in HD49A. It is my hope that the vision and principled beliefs I’ve presented over the last several weeks brings you on board the team. So with that, I humbly ask for your support and help tomorrow evening so we can move forward with a conservative message and vision that will be victorious in November. Sincerely,

Steve Wise Republican Candidate for MN House District 49A Phone: 952-922-0599 Email: wiseforhouse@yahoo.com Website: www.wiseforhouse.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/wiseforhouse     Paid for by Wise for House Volunteer Committee

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