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New Spartans Acquired At Summit Fit Dojo

New Spartans Acquired At Summit Fit Dojo

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Published by: I-Newswire.com on May 10, 2012
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New Spartans Acquired At Summit Fit Dojo

Local Broomfield Boot Camp Enter Spartan Military Sprint In Ft. Carson, CO. Westminster, CO (I- Newswire) May 09, 2012 - Many of us know that some of the best warriors to ever walk this earth were Spartans. If you've seen the movie "300" than you'll understand. All of those Spartans were extremely fit and ready to take on anything. On Saturday, May 5th athletes from various parts of Colorado and around the country met up in Ft. Carson, CO to do the first Spartan Military Sprint - an obstacle course mud run race hosted by the Spartan Race crew. The Spartan Race team hosts various obstacle course races throughout the United States, Canada and England - helping participants get off the coach and test their physical and mental skills. At the beginning of the year, clients training at Summit Fit Dojo began to mention to Coach Javier Lozano that they were planning on running the Spartan Race in Ft. Carson. As any informed Head Fitness Coach, Lozano started to research more about the Spartan Race. "I've heard of the Warrior Dash, and the cult following behind it, but the Spartan Race was a bit different. It seemed like a really cool obstacle course race that had a reputation for being the toughest mud run in the country" says Coach Javier. "Many of our clients have goals to achieve, from losing weight to preparing for a marathon, and this was one of those races that really tested your physical and mental strength." "So, as any motivated and supportive fitness coach, I decided join the few running the Spartan Military Sprint and extend the invitation to the other clients of Summit Fit Dojo. Unknown to my knowledge, many of them seemed VERY interested in joining and training for the race!" says Coach Lozano. "Over the next few months clients were training hard at our fitness boot camp facility and doing extra workouts on their own. And, during the month of April on Fridays and Saturdays we had Spartan Workouts - tougher workouts for clients wanting to prepare for the race. It was a great turnout!" A few days before the race, all participants got emails stating the length of the course. And, to hydrate. That was it. The race ended up being 5 miles long with around 30 obstacles. The most challenging and obstacle dense Military Sprint of its kind, year to date. Team Summit Fit Dojo Honey Badgers raced at the 10:30 AM heat with 14 other clients, friends, significant others, and family members. Their goal - to simply finish the Spartan Military Sprint in one piece. Mind you, on the racing bibs there was a disclaimer, it said "there is a real possibility that YOU MAY DIE or be catastrophically injured." Well, none of that happened. However, racers did get a bunch of mud, some giggles, laughs, more mud, and tested their fitness levels to a whole new level. From, army crawling through mud the length of a football field with barb wire above your head with the sounds of "bullets" shooting in the background, to tire flips, to carrying a 70 lb rucksack up a mountain & down a mountain, to climbing cargo nets, and even throwing grenades and the trademark Spartan Spear and jumping through logs of flame, and finally defeating Spartan Gladiators - this obstacle course mud run race had everything that would require your physical strength, mental endurance, and motivation from your comrades. Was it hard? Definitely, yet not impossible. At the end, participants had the right to call themselves a Spartan. A title only given to people who actually finish the entire race. Sort of a cool title after running for 2 plus hours. Coach Javier overheard his clients saying "can you imagine only training at Summit Fit Dojo for 1 month and then doing this race? I'm so glad that I've been training for several months to get to this point!" What did these boot campers training at Summit Fit Dojo learn? They learned that by setting goals and following through, they were capable to defeat any obstacle that lied in front of them. That their hard work and consistent training in their Summit Fit Dojo boot camp sessions with kettlebells, sandbags, fitness kickboxing, running, and other exercise equipment paid off and prepared them even more then they could have expected. Why is this important? Coach Javier has clients that have lost as much as 50 lbs in less than 8 months, ran their first ½ marathon, performed better mountain biking, and simply lost so much weight they had to spend more money on new clothes, that fit. Are you ready to lose weight, get in shape, and start learning how to re- create a new you? Have you wanted to enter a race that tests your physical and mental strength? Or, do you just want to stay fit? Call Summit Fit Dojo at 720-248-0449 and see why they have the best fitness boot program serving residents in Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, Erie, and Denver Colorado. Or you can email them at: info@TheDojoOfKarate.com.

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About Summit Fit Dojo: Summit Fit Dojo is the leading and fitness boot camp training facility in Westminster & Broomfield, Colorado. They offer programs designed to help you lose weight, get in shape, and make life changes with proper fitness training and guided nutrition. Company Contact Information: Summit Fit Dojo Javier Lozano, Jr 12910 Zuni St. #200 Westminster Phone: 720-248-0449 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: summit fit dojo    broomfield fitness boot camp    spartan military sprint     Published on: May 09, 2012 Original Source: New Spartans Acquired At Summit Fit Dojo

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