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WELCOME PARTY for CAMP GRADUATES OBJECTIVE: a) To introduce the youth camp graduates to the atmosphere of Youth for

Christ b) To build relationships with the rest of the YFCs within the area MECHANICS: 1) This activity is in lieu of a chapter assembly scheduled after the camp 2) Leaders of the cluster may be invited 3) A good music ministry, complete with full band set up, is ideal to create a good and fun party atmosphere 4) The venue should be ideal for parties or celebrations (e.g. big house or garage, clubhouses, or any room that can be decorated into a party atmosphere) 5) SUGGESTED SCHEDULE 0:00 0:30 Registration 0:30 1:00 Gathering 1:00 1:15 Opening Worship 1:15 1:30 Emcee Spiels 1:30 1:40 VIDEO about the recent camp; highlighting fun times, and moments of the camp) 1:40 1:50 Short Production either band performance or dance 1:50 -2:00 Emcee Spiels 2:00 2:30 Getting to Know You Games 2:30 4:00 KAINAN TIME/ FELLOWSHIP/sharing per household *table/seating arrangements can be done per household 4:00 4:15 Announcements 4:15 4:30 CLOSING WORSHIP 6) The chapter may include additional gimmicks to make the graduates welcome. E.g. gift bags, freebies, welcome kits include a t-shirt, card with numbers of the head, calendar of activities) 7) The theme should reflect 4FS (FUN, FREEDOM, FRIENDSHIP, and FAITH) in Youth for Christ. SUGGESTED Spiels/talk points for welcoming (for welcoming by clusterhead/chapterhead) Welcome to Youth for Christ. We are glad to have you here. We are happy and excited to experience a life of Christ with each of you. Your life will change in YFC because you will be experiencing Christ. A life full of Fun, Freedom, friendship, and faith awaits. Introduce leaders Introduce areas Introuduce upcoming activities