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Where is Afghanistan?

Who Are The Afghans?

Growing Up Afghan
Afghan Traditional Kids Games Aaqab - Tag Bujal Bazi MarblesGudiparan-jangi Kite Fighting Kabaddi Capture the Flag Khusay Similar to Capture the Flag Sang Chill Bazi - Jacks Afghan Sports Buzkashi Cricket Soccer Volleyball Basketball Taekwondo

Living in Afghanistan

Why Are We In Afghanistan?

What Needs to be Done?

Destroy Al Qaeda (Bad Guys) in Afghanistan Defeat the Taliban (Bad Guys) so that they decide to stop fighting and threatening their own people Build Afghans Army and Police so they can do this mission themselves Help the Afghan President and Governors run their country well Build or rebuild businesses, schools, hospitals, electric power, roads, and water supplies

Whos Doing The Work?

US Air Force US Marines

US Government US Navy

US Army

Whos Doing The Work?

Soldiers from 25 Different Countries

How Are We Doing?

Afghan Policemen

Afghan Soldiers

Electricity Fresh Water Afghan Schoolroom

An Afghan boy looks Give two thumbs up and a smile in the village of Spine Gundey, Gelan district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan, May 9. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Andrew Claire Baker / Released)

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