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ean Planting Guide fore Pag Shop Seed foged ‘rue Dur Vig Apou! Contact Us Planting Guide AboutUs Jr's cual Later Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Gardening Guide ‘abe allencomparsing We Derive encourage yout seek agsloallocllpecicarnaton tom jour agiclual ot Petaluma Saed Bank Unies eeansion es, curvisge Begin tine begining Festiols ‘Assay as possible rhe yar propare alist he vegetables, ower, and horbs you want grow. Oban the see or ‘ehicn matte qucsysuch os beng, leat euce, adhe, lca be plied even you pute your seed well past ae [ast fost ete nour ares. also possible row a second op oF Fall Garcon by staring many aesding nats Jun = {sting avartage of windoeake shade, and sungh hours Save he paper and ea notes a your garden progresses. Atul a ‘The importance ofthe Last Frost Daten Spring Pouty ‘Thare ao te ctagois of pln inthe gard mnustbe stag indoors 40 thane have grown i etal pars before planing afore lat Spring ost and oes which oleae Progam sill sinpybe dire! sees in th garden sol tern Rot doe “ sole wimoutpreetaringindishouse, You san an gardening neighbors, callanyoelagreutua or univers esensonofloes, etka garden supply ornusety ratte fees rn orcosults maphvough sewer ondine sources Wins da ou can row wor backwarasrogh When (and Where) to tart yours Vegetable Wooks Beoce Last Frost Date ‘Stutindoors and tant autoars af nt ost (Tas las are fender Eonant Peppers; Tomato: Tomatoes * (Cuembers; Melon; Ota; Pumpkins; Squat a Beets; Caro Chinese Caboage; Ende, Poas (Engl Radish 4 Letce (llypes: Swi Crert 2 Direct seed in garden aftr tas ost (Tend Weeks ater st rst date (Cucumbers: Peanuts Amara 2 Ctleesine necessary materials or staring seces You wil aed pols roa corainets, sll medium, and laste bags oF rap. Containers canbe anyeing Kom yogut cups fo purchased foweros, tall shoul have drainage les te iad nthe container t encourage sraper growth fe jourg fon. For so buy aga of seed stag mie (oe Organ Growors~ may contin chomieal fei: ead the bag cart or make yourown. Geos soloss bos can be rade fom 30% peat moss wh 50% vermialie or buys afpoling soi ara aa 50% past moss hats "guar post tnoss to quar pong soi ting sa used by tel foo hes and packs down easily Garden aol (tn adaton Molson all mis oto planing the soeds Plate bags or wrap wlkoop he most in your soo ays ana instr ‘Be.eeds. You dont wantthom lol down tthe batom ofthe covaier end nat germinal WE a Seek ar penal coat reseeds.convplanting guide 18 ean Planting Guide te wench nthe solar punch a smalfow of shallow hos. Veryimportantnot most seeds shouldbe buried a daph of Setar gaminatng, Hang planed your seeds, ake crenata cvrerwe then ey igelyprase ala more eol ire ‘ontop a gy mist wih water Place the whsle coinerin a lear plsticoag oryndora snot of parte wrap, Rome sushas on op of etigerata ll pode Ne Neat Seeding healing mals wih hermostaeconbol maybe purchased (Once a soaaings nave omrged, ign becomes ecomeljiporant Asunny windows aha sufcs,(omember ‘turn he sood nye srry ne sn), bu seal pif low-cohrerean shop lights shouldbe suspended an cmine slants rst dung Bhours of darkness. Keep to sodings wa éutng the cay Now's (70% and reduce he tmpraur to ‘hen he seedings have grown theif stot fue less (hich are te rd and ho emerge), they shoul be fe with a “lute iui tea. Tis can bea commersat Novseplt food dues 50% weakness win ea waa," Hh anc Kelp ‘mulsion organi fod rests will smell ‘Tehy fo som hors afar us). AiNe bm also, seedlings canbe moved up sotoyie sam The anes, artaged, canbe replaced a he plat grows ile, atte stra damaged by ough nanalng te plantwilixeyas wnat went wrong with my seedings? Digntgominai aval or ary fee gorinated-Tnor area ow posse causes is prob, The fst maybe od soe ‘hown o have a germination rae ofa! eas 60%, Saad hates been kat for mora hans yar eee bn eal ono (orinsance na wa or melslace) may en ol geminal upto known potcanags, Some sods ak 2 vorIong. 1e9st21 cee t germina. yur sol tam poraie sto 220) secs witake aor me break Ba germany. eggplants ‘35d peppers Ino tmperatires sound 7506 ane slow coneiserablywhen slatedin cooler onions. Seestie sipping. Bacorabore disease. To aot this condo, avaye Use asolvess mixwnichls state and/ine hotoughlall ‘oniiners witha bleach and wate soliton (ipa senso 10 pars water) aetore ve. Dip ourtols nr same olson hore. Achemielsolton of Benamy ungcide canbe uses in feerhouseenwonmant 9 conbelthese diseases. Watt fom fe botom whanove passe. This moans standing Me pots na shallow pan of water ana fling em soak upto ‘seedings tat ro egay orl have been grown wihou Suet he plantas statched ou reaching fri Ty ho seedlings in space wero lights avaleble mors nour pr day. Tall pao pans ean be buried oaply ‘Yelowod or sickly ooking seedings mayneed feeding orles walering low he mist ty xtans hen eed wih a gid alansoUsie for sone hore ofdajight and tan rum tam te prtecdon othe house alight Aseletnd spot hauls So utafcrecrwind or su and profrbly ol kalo be rontodby hema ara wock fs profeleg enaronmon How to plant seeding inthe garden (Once the pans hevebeen hardened off and he danger of fostis pas (applicable) ake he seedings and a ull watering round elabout he heuhth was prong inte pol ecanttometoes which can be bred oon an ene), Press re ar down hy abd wale’ well Contre wating dui he noon dae. some afee,cuwors ate posi Wilat the seeding of a grou lel aun he rightand ten burow ink fo ground’ est. Place a smallst (2 x6" of Plant seed and seedings according tothe following row spacing chart ‘artuypuloutadaonel ona to achiev he deed pacing a cots Poss ® Soans (Buh Collate: Color Mtr ® Beans (Pole Beans (Lima: Head Lobe; Koad: Rurabaga 2 ‘Cabbage: Kale: Sweet and DentGom: Pa ‘Aeparagus; Toate; reseeds.convplanting guide ean Planting Guide 8 Mork Melons; Squash (Summer and Wn Zoe ‘Sige row planing “in ht mood n bed approxmaiely30 wide ie planted bybrondeastng (seating) he reed ass ‘This wore welt salad gardens where a mot small gene is hanested aa verymmatire sige. Harwin ay be one bytinning bebe hati, pulling cutsome othe plans growing getherins ste ofbyuse ofa pal ofscssors “ripping ner ans tree ali the beds obi enough salnaertne dosred use. Larger egeabe drops suchas cabbage Betteen specimens in each drecion. Inte case ofeabbepe, his Would be 12" on cantina clamond shapes pater, Raised beds ~ instead of planing st ground evel, sacs othe sa a eid above the waka, So oy be senply rounded up orreainad win sical walls of cones boo cut down wooden pals, old bare et. Maxs them 8 ‘0 pate oaks ackeriago ofa useable space, hase ised bods maybe Ideal use ya gardener wih moby ‘Container gardening — Ial + gardaners in cy srronmants or for pao garons. Take wea lage plartubs oral whishy berets an llr a good quay garden or poling sll Alow or good caine so hal roots do nalbecome wallogged ‘Seeds canbe dal seeceainwo a barl or ansplanad om seedings Pull plas tarde he back so es hots ‘wrshadow smaller ones. Feed and waar more oon as reas ao competion ns lmiee space, Promplyemove any ‘ani much his summer, ona you pana are drooping Inthe earlymarning. This ls @ sure sgn that waaring heeded Wost plans win tho hot kemoans of summer burner vemigh, Kyou ae sing 8 sperlor stom an hor, Keep {mal amounts Do not mater inte midday rhestotne stern; oo much ile arta evaporaton, Spread mulch {unde pans to oa te solland slow down dying, Uso blackplastc ogres copings or compost. Those wilalso ‘Organi gardeners can aed De vagetabee wih quo ried ah and kalo product and epua side dressings ot ‘compost Do nop manares dees he geaen plants ai oo strong and wil damage ol hey. Non-orpanie {helene orstams, ao feae te seo concanvtad produ and can bum You plans Provide support to strong plants Tallorvnig plans suchas pole beans, lmatoes, cuoumders, and pas wl aque staking or other means of support Poas canbe grown on siscrded bri stice in along te ous orn methes or hols specail rhe purpose, Tomo alg neal fence posts or longs of gatenized wie in adanoe ofthe plans needing them sothalyou wile ready te {sour sprawling vine Bote ays How long tilharest? edings(omaioes, pepper, eppplans cabbage, bocca, ae} de naincade he tne pant growing indoor Bele sonng octin gaan. Tumip Greens; Spinach; Mstad Greens Lets (aa Onion (Geen 5-45 days Kale Swiss Chas: Koab: Bene (Bush and Wa Beets Lace (Hoss); Tumip; Ameren (ize -SO-AD daye orb Cauflower: Peas (nels Beans (Pale: Oke: Cucumber 20-70 days Sec caret Pepper Cambge.Chinne Cabbage SnetCam Lina Beane BUH.Cowser 7095 day Sateen Calc Coir, Tomas Lineaas oe Eel Ende, Sine Sqush, 850 de ‘Winter Seuash; Onion (ry) Tamato 00 aaye eu: ssa ‘Sweet Potato: Parsnip Sai 5046 Roubar 2s eer ae conmercal insect sprays able aal gaan cenors, most wilhave the disacvaiage ofl iling re ume ts ook ane plans ana iscover iter say damage and what mightbe Ie cause, The wh cabbage bute ‘an bo een ing aboutbetweon your eabbago plans in Jne-Justtim overs loves and soarchovtho nowy 699 ‘e ogg othe Caorada Plas Beste whens asmal black ahd whe stipe nsec Carpllare maybe eed ond reseeds.convplanting guide