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1. bow Satoshi always made sure to bow before the emperor. The hordes of warriors making their way through the forest fought with bow and arrow. 2. close Cliff still has to close his eyes to be able to eat calamari. It seemed that the story in the newspaper had hit a little too close to home. 3. desert To desert the military is a crime. The Gobi is a large desert in Asia. 4. dove The dove is a kind of bird. He dove into the pool. 5. house "Jane, Jane, the house is on fire!" The flood victims were housed in schools. 6. lead Water travelled through ancient Rome through lead pipes. The mother duck can lead her ducklings around. 7. live I don't need you to determine whether I live or die. I went to see James Brown live in concert. 8. minute The guests are going to start flooding in any minute now. The two book versions presented minute differences. 9. number Seven is a number. After the dentist injected the novocaine, my face got number and number. 10. polish You need to polish those boots. I'm of Polish ancestry.

11. present We were present at the wedding. I need to buy my sister a present for her birthday. He will present his ideas to the Board of Directors tomorrow. 12. project The project deadline is next week. The diva can project her voice to the back of the theater. 13. read Yes, I read that newspaper every day. I read the note, tore it into little bits and swallowed them. 14. record She played a vinyl record on her old turntable. Strike the testimony from the record. Did he record the concert with his camcorder? 15. row The vicar and the parson had an awful row at the tavern. The petitioners waited in a row. I decided to learn how to row boats and how to race them. 16. sow The sow suckled her newborn piglets. The farmer will sow oats in the back forty. 17. tear She wanted to tear all his clothes. He was in tears over the death of his dog. 18. use Use a napkin! What's the use? It's all down my shirt. 19. wind How did we wind up in Kansas? The wind blew from the northeast. 20. wound The rope was wound around his wrists. She died from a fatal chest wound.