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325 KO Space Satellite Aff Wave 3

325 KO Space Satellite Aff Wave 3

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Jan 08, 2009
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The use of vaccines will inevitably destroy the planet
Oscar Falconi, bs in physics, MIT, 1981, http://www.nutri.com/space/

It's quite clear that any promising new vaccines should be tried on only a very limited number of humans,
and for at least several generations, before subjecting our entire population to a genetically unproven
vaccine. Measles, for instance, is peculiar to humans and therefore a measles vaccine cannot be exonerated
by animal tests. Incidentally, thalidomide was animal tested - and passed! Today, vaccines can be used in
the prevention of 18 diseases. The vaccines used to prevent measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles)
have been developed only in the past several years, and the polio vaccine just a few years earlier. And yet
the U.S. Public Health Department recommends that ALL children have their polio and rubella shots when
they're just one year old. The mumps shot is recommended for children approaching puberty! Already over
80% of all Americans between 1 and 20 have had 3 or more polio shots. God help us if we've overlooked
some effect. We should be finding out in a few years - BUT only if the effect is dominant. It should be
noted that thalidomide was caught quickly only because of its effect on the 1st generation. The mutation
was dominant and HAD to appear in the 1st generation. If the mutation was recessive, the effects could not
have been detected until the 2nd generation, by which time a tragic, and possibly fatal, blow may have been
inflicted to our gene-pool. If we continue to indiscriminately subject the whole population to every
promising advance, be it vaccine, food additive, drug, etc., then the chances are not negligible that in some
decade in the near future the U.S. or world population will be decimated or destroyed.

Pollution will become lethal and wipe the planet clean- drastic action key
Oscar Falconi, bs in physics, MIT, 1981, http://www.nutri.com/space/

Simple pollution will never kill off mankind. As the pollution level becomes lethal, the population
decreases, and so does the pollution. A population-pollution equilibrium is thus established. However, we
know very little about the complicated, non-linear interplay between the various pollutants and the
environment. Increasing the concentration of some pollutant over and above an unknown threshold level
might start a runaway reaction that quickly increases some lethal factor's level until all human life on earth
is dead. We just don't know! For instance, though he often tends toward abrasive exaggeration and
incitement, Dr Paul Ehrlich may be right when he says that the SST (Supersonic Transport) may have
ended all life on earth had the U.S. gone ahead with it. Exaggeration and incitement have been avoided in
this discourse, but, in fairness to Dr Ehrlich, they might be justified in order to shock America and the
world to the dangers around us.


DDI ’08

AFF Wave 3

Junaid, Anuj, Matt, Jackie


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