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Military Elective Vehicles Affirmative

Military Elective Vehicles Affirmative


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Hybrid electrics solve military dependence on oil

Defense Update, International Online Defense Magazine, 5/20/06, Military Applications of
Hybrid Cars and Trucks, http://www.defense-update.com/features/du-3-05/feature-HED.htm
The US Army expects hybrid-electric powered trucks and the hybrid-electric Future Combat Systems (FCS) to help the service
attain its stated objective of 75 percent lower fuel consumption by 2020. Significant savings have already been demonstrated.
Operating as a hybrid, with a 24-gallon tank, a truck could travel 375 miles without refueling compared to a conventionally-
powered vehicle, traveling less than 60% of that range. Savings will not relate from the cost of fuel itself, but trim a
considerable volume off the army logistical transportation requirements – as fuel takes up about 70 percent of the logistical
tonnage haul in a heavy armored division.

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