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Solar Satellites Affirmative

Solar Satellites Affirmative


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Solar power advances happening now

Monique Hanis, Communications Director for Communications Director forSolar Energy Industries, 08,
“Emerging solar technologies,” http://www.wncgreenbuilding.com/2008/emerging_solar_technologies
We are witnessing an exciting time in the solar-energy sector. Research facilities, universities and
companies are striving to develop new and innovative solar technologies for the commercial and residential
sectors. From building-integrated and thin-film materials, to concentrating-solar and solar-thermal
applications, the options for converting the sun’s rays into energy are expanding like never before.
Meanwhile, improvements in the technology, manufacturing processes and installation are converging to
help drive costs down.
Federal incentives, along with state and local rebate and loan programs, are now lessening the up-front
costs of solar energy. In fact, a number of companies including Google, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s and
Safeway have plans for significant solar photovoltaic (PV) installations as part of their energy-efficiency
Advancements in PV technology continue as researchers at the National Renewable Energy Lab,
University of Delaware, Sandia National Lab and others create new combinations of layered-cell structures
that split and refract sunlight for more efficient energy production. Prototype PV cells have reportedly
reached 42 percent efficiency, nearly three times the 15 to 22 percent in today’s PV panels. Other
— like the trackers at Nellis Air Force Base that rotate 15-megawatt PV panels to follow the
sun — improve performance by 30 percent.


Space Based Solar Panel Satellite AFF
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