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Solar Satellites Affirmative

Solar Satellites Affirmative


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NASA funding is partisan
Alex Howerton, writer and reporter for The Space Review, 2-25-08,
s [E.Berggren]

Space spending is a highly visible and easy target, especially because the public at large does not
see the immediate relevance of space development, or how it can augment other desirable
activities, such as environmental monitoring and job creation. Moreover, NASA and the space
advocacy community on the whole do a rather lackluster job of communicating these benefits to
a wider audience. The result is that space spending is usually in the front of the line for the
budget guillotine. A Harris Poll conducted in April 2007 listed respondents’ answer to this
question: “If spending had to be cut on federal programs, which two federal program(s) do you
think the cuts should come from?” The space program received the sharpest blow of the
hypothetical budget ax, at 51%, followed distantly by welfare and defense at 28%. This is the
state of public perception, even though NASA’s fiscal year 2007 federal budget allocation was
less than 1%, while defense came in at 19%, and unemployment and welfare registered 13 %. It
is nearly impossible to establish stable NASA funding in this political and cultural climate.


Space Based Solar Panel Satellite AFF
Eric, Anuj, Alex, Jackie, Matt

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