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Solar Satellites Affirmative

Solar Satellites Affirmative


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Nuclear proliferation destroys international stability and causes escalatory nuclear


George Quester Professor of Government & Politics at the University of Maryland 1994
The Washington Quarterly Vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 103-114, Spring Lexis

If Americans ask themselves the elementary question of why they should be opposed to
the proliferation of nuclear weapons, an obvious first answer might now be that such a
spread of weapons of mass destruction could lead to U.S. cities being destroyed and/or
U.S. military units or other U.S. assets abroad suffering nuclear attacks. Further,
Americans also care about nuclear proliferation because foreign cities may get destroyed
in future outbreaks of war. Following such proliferation, nuclear attacks on U.S. targets
could take place more "rationally" in the wake of normal military and political conflicts.
Crises sometimes lead to "a war nobody wanted," or to escalations that neither side can
control. The risks that such deterrence failures would involve nuclear use are increased as
more countries get nuclear weapons. Such nuclear attacks on U.S. targets could also take
place less "rationally" -- if someone like Idi Amin or Mu'ammar Qadhafi were to take
charge of a country that possesses nuclear weapons. The kinds of political forces that
bombed the World Trade Center in New York, or attacked the entrance to Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Virginia, might then use nuclear weapons.
Continues…. Americans, and most other people, will want to avoid a situation in which
any state can defy the will of the rest of the world, just by being able to threaten the
destruction of any of the world's cities. Whatever hopes are now entertained for a
disciplined world order and a reliable system of collective security thus depend on the
halting of nuclear proliferation. Finally, the United States will not find it easy to sit on the
sidelines in a regional war involving nuclear-armed states. In desperate circumstances
such states will try to threaten the interests of bystanders, in order to force an
international intervention. And other states within and outside such a region will apply
great pressures for U.S. and/or UN involvement.


Space Based Solar Panel Satellite AFF
Eric, Anuj, Alex, Jackie, Matt

Victor Utgoff, Depute director of strategy, forces, and resources division of institute for defense analysis,
‘02, “Proliferation, Missile defense and American ambitions” Survival, P. 87-90


Space Based Solar Panel Satellite AFF
Eric, Anuj, Alex, Jackie, Matt

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