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Jeremy Keeshin

“The Grave”

Miranda is immature and looking for guidance from her brother because she is too young
and innocent to comprehend the circumstances surrounding life and death.

Thinking Points
What does the “sweet” and “corrupt” smell that the author refers to repeatedly signify?
How does Miranda change throughout the story?
How does Miranda look up to her brother and what does this reveal about her?
What does her obedience to her older brother demonstrate?
How does Porter use life and death in this story?
What is the significance of the family graves?
How does Miranda feel about the pregnant rabbit?
What are the differences between Miranda and Paul?
What are the differences in their wants?
What are the differences in the way they handle hunting and the rabbit?
What does this reveal?
What is significant about the past luxury and wealth of the family and their current state?
What does Miranda realize in the end?