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Jeremy Keeshin


Symbols, repeated images/ideas
Distinguished families (17)

Knowledge (22) curiosity, earnest research to learn... (30) I ardently desired the
acquisition of knowledge (36) path of knowledge

Creation, Life (19) I was their plaything and their idol, and something better—their child,
the innocent and helpless creature bestowed upon them by heaven (26)I entered with the
greatest diligence into the search of the philosophers stone and the elixir of life (33)the
elixir of life is a chimera (33)unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation
(37)whence I often asked myself, did the principle of life proceed (38)became myself
capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter (39) it was with these feelings that I
began the creation of a human being

Destiny, Fate, Heaven-sent (19)(20) (24)which ruled by destiny (33)words—rather let me

say words of fate (35)it decided my future destiny

Passion (21) my temper was violent, my passions vehement (24) birth of that passion

Attachment (21) the passion and almost reverential attachment

Hidden Laws of Nature (22) to learn the hidden laws of nature (23) the physical secrets of
the world (25)penetrate the secrets of nature (23) the secrets of heaven and earth

Ruin (25)the fatal impulse that led to my ruin (33) enounced to destroy me

Power (32)masters of science sought immortality and power (33) they have acquired
new and almost unlimited power

Death (37)to examine the causes of life, we must first recourse death (4)renew life where
death had apparently devoted the body to corruption