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Jeremy Keeshin

THESIS The theme of faith is vital in the novel Snow in August because its

constant appearance is an indicator of Michael’s maturing as the book progresses and it

allows him to break the ceiling of religious relations in the parish when others are

restrained by the differences.

My poster demonstrates the concepts of my thesis in many different ways. The title of my

poster, “Michael’s Progression of Faith” is really representing how he has changed over

time in regards to his faith. In the poster I discuss three main stages. I discuss the time

earlier in the book when he is uncertain about his faith. THE UNCERTAINTY depicts

Michael in his first encounter with the Rabbi in the snow blizzard. The mood of the

picture is sullen and I worked at drawing him lost in the storm and confronted with this

new man, the rabbi, who he is unsure about. My second drawing tried to recreate a

different stage of Michael’s growth. The box called THE QUESTIONING shows when

Michael is meeting with the rabbi and they are discussion issues of faith. This picture

represents the doubts that both Michael and the rabbi had at certain times about their

faith. Michael asks the rabbi this ever so difficult question about the consistency of G-d

aiding the Jews. The third box entitled THE SANCTUARY is the culmination of

Michael’s character development. His faith has grown to its strongest point here and he is

able to create the Golem. In this scene Michael, the rabbi, and the Golem are witnessing

the sanctuary, which is now rekindled as it once was with men praying and candles and

the Torah open and all of the other details.