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Introduction..2 Schedule of Planned Activities2 Scope3 Departmental Operation...3 Departmental Update...4 Conclusion...6

Introduction: A marketing strategy is an overall marketing plan designed to meet the needs and requirements of customers. Our plan for Nanoptics should be based on clear objectives in order to successfully carry out our nano technologically based product, Conspecto. A number of techniques will then be employed to make sure that the marketing plan is effectively delivered. Marketing techniques are the tools used by the marketing department. The marketing department will set out to identify the most appropriate techniques to employ in order to make profits. These marketing techniques include public relations, trade and consumer promotions, point-of-sale materials, editorial, and publicity and sales literature. Marketing techniques are employed at three stages of marketing: Stage 1: Prior to Marketing Activity: This will incorporate market research and customer appeal for the product, Conspecto. In order to be successful with the launching of a new product, the department also needs to have specific information behind the actual eye muscle contraction defect. Nanoptics uses the latest nanotechnology advancements and techniques to eliminate contraction and relaxation deficiencies. Therefore, we will be able to target our customers with proper appeal as well as focusing on the improvement of myopia and astigmatism. Stage 2: During Marketing Activity: During marketing activity, we are essentially at the point of succession for our company. Stage 3: After Marketing Activity: We will then be able to evaluate marketing effectiveness and improve different advertising techniques for Conspecto. To create the right marketing mix, marketers have to ensure the following:

The product has to have the right features - for example, it must look good and work well. The price must be right. Consumers will need to buy in large numbers to produce a healthy profit. The goods must be in 'the right place at the right time'. Making sure that the goods arrive when and where they are wanted is an important operation. The target group needs to be aware of the existence and availability of the product through promotion. Successful promotion helps a firm to spread costs over a larger output. Finally, techniques need to be applied to monitor the success of marketing activity. For example when carrying out advertising it is helpful to track consumer awareness of the adverts and their messages. This will ultimately lead to high recognition for Nanoptics and successful marketing of our product, Conspecto. A Schedule of Planned Activities: Research companys product with current products or competitors in terms of pharmacological effects and market values (which products are similar and how new one can be even better) Statistics of patients who need this drug, how much they are willing to pay, how much other companies charge, and how much it will cost to manufacture, test, and make

advertisements for the product Research on how many companies will share the same number of patients, how to make them switch to our company How to make it more appealing and effective to consumers, compared to other companies (i.e.: less dosage with our product, less side effects) Research of amount of dosage needed, depending on patient Conduct investment plan to raise money for base (experimenting, manufacturing, R&D, clinical) from government, private sectors, donations, re-imbursement, etc., divide up costs to start the company and divide costs to raise money Marketing plan: ways to make product speak out to other people, let them feel related as if they can use this product, make them feel attracted to the product (through reduced costs, advertisements, etc.)

The Scope: Marketing is to plan and produce all advertisements and slogans for the product. They are to creatively and effectively design all media for the company. They are also to create a goal of where the company and its product should be in the near future and come up with realistic strategies on how they will be able to get there. Strategies include (but are not limited to) the use of multimedia, inter and intra-company communication, and troubleshooting. The Marketing team must be able to think critically and work efficiently in order to lure customers, swipe investors, and keep the company going. A table of work developments: TV/Radio Commercials National Television and Radio Stations One set of three related commercials Brochures Optometrist/ Eye related medical centers About 100 per office depending on size, 300 offices across the nation Less than one week including designing and printing Posters/ Visuals In public areas, eye centers Around 100,000 to spread among major cities Less than one week including designing and printing



Time Usage

Estimated time of one week including planning, scripting, filming, and editing

Departmental Operations: The marketing department is responsible for advertising Nanoptics innovative new product, Conspecto, an eyedrop that corrects vision without the use of foreign lenses. We also are responsible for keeping up with and surpassing competitive products and maintaining financial efficiency. There are several sub-divisions within marketing. One of our subdivisions is finance. This subdivision keeps track of the prices of competitive products and works to maximize cost efficiency. The financial assistant holding this

position will periodically research and investigate our competitors to gather data on rising or dropping prices. This data will be organized for easy access. Our advertising subdivision designs advertisements that are eye-catching and attractive and that also provide consumers with information about cost and function that will entice them to try our product. Our employees work together along with other departments in the company to make Conspecto as attractive as possible to our prospective customers so they will use Conspecto in place of other competitive brands or products. Marketing is perhaps one of the most variable as well as one of the most socially impacted department of a company. They struggle constantly with societys interest in the product as well as inflation, financial debts, and unstable economies on a daily basis. Often, this department must meet in the very beginning to create a long-term plan with enough variables in case of sudden economic changes in the rest of society. Our goal focuses on reaching out to the public and appeal to individual interests with promisingand accurateadvertisement techniques, setting a reasonable price, and ensuring successful sales of the product Conspecto. The marketing department plans to use colorful, inspiring advertisements, foresee all possible stock market options, make connections with other well-known or more-known companies to influence the public at a wider range, and work with public relations. This goal can be achieved over a period of time with stable, consistent communication as well as hiring a group of people who are specifically skilled at an individual skill (e.g. business, public relations, communications, advertising). Also, the price can be lowered as more and more competitive businesses spring up next to Nanoptics. This department maintains a friendly, constant relationship with other departments such as QA/QC, R&D, and Clinical for up-to-date information on our products. As for Manufacturing, Marketing is not as directly involved but always collects information periodically on the model outlook. It is a necessity for our advertisements to always be as clear and precise as possible to maintain the reputation of the company as well as rake in satisfied customers and higher profits. Departmental Update: The current product Conspecto is unlike any product currently out on the market. Typical treatments for myopia and poor vision include the use of soft lenses and glasses to redirect light flow, the use of rigid gas permeable lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea, or in extreme cases, laser eye surgery can be performed to permanently solve the problem. Eye surgery is another option for more serious cases. The difference between these methods and conspecto is that while they are all effective, they are only used to solve the symptoms of poor vision. Now what is it that causes poor vision? Myopia and other conditions are a result of the eye muscles inability to contract and relax properly. This is why the use of glasses and soft lenses can help by redirecting the light so that the image of a persons surroundings will be clear. While more common treatments use a lens to redirect the light, or a surgical procedure to alter the shape of the cornea, Conspecto uses the latest nanotechnology to solve the muscle contracting problem in the eye, thus eliminating the problem along with the symptoms. Through the use of daily eye drops containing nano particles that will regulate the contraction and relaxation of muscles, patients will no longer need to constantly make sure they have their glasses, remember to take out their contacts, or pay ridiculous prices for a surgical procedure. There will also be no more need for a prescription as the nano particles help with all 4

types of poor vision including (but not limited to) myopia, far sightedness, astigmatism, and hyperopia (far sightedness that occurs with aging). Our product, Conspecto, will save patients much money that was originally spent on contacts, surgery, and/or the hassle of having to wear eye glasses everywhere. Conspecto is an innovative product in the form of eyedrops containing pirenzepine. The piropenzine interacts with the ciliary bodies in the eye that control lens dilation and contraction, allowing the person to focus light entering their eyes without the use of foreign lenses. About half of all Americans have poor eyesight. More than 33% have nearsightedness and more than 36% had astigmatism. About 3.6 percent had farsightedness. There are many well known companies for eye correction. Some deal with contact lenses, some deal with eyeglasses. Lasik eye surgery for permanent eye correction has also been on the rise. It is these three broad categories which will compete with Conspecto. There is one eyedrop medication on the market that is used to correct vision, called pilocarpine. Some brand names include Akarpine, Isopto, Carpine, and Pilocar. However, this medication works by affecting the amount of fluid present in the eyeball itself, as well as affecting the dilation of the pupil. It is similar to Conspecto, although since it works in a different way, it will have a different clientele and will not provide serious competition for Nanoptics. Through free clinical trials and testers of this product, we can gradually improve it over time, by getting better feedback and examining how the product effects the patient. With R&D conducting more experiments, we can find out more information about how to improve. We can also research other companies and how their progress went to make our product more effective, but with less side effects and dosages. With control groups, the product can be tested to see how safe it is, and over time, reduce the side effects while using fewer dosages, so the product itself will eventually become more useful and effective over time. Feedback from spectacle and contact lens wearing patients have all cited discomfort from dry eyes, pinching frames, and various other problems. With laser eye surgery, the couple thousand dollar costs are unaffordable for much of the population. The average yearly cost of soft contact lenses is about $220. A pair of glasses can range from $60 to $600. However, with Conspecto, it only requires a dosage every 3-4 days. Moreover, about four bottles are needed a year, at $35.99 a bottle. This comes out to be only $144 a year with no other charges for maintenance fluids or lens cleaners. This extremely competitive price will benefit our company and product immensely.
Conspecto vs. Competitors

Estimated Price


As an emerging company using the latest nanotechnology methods for a communal problem, money is our biggest concern. Finding available funding for company start-ups is a complicated and rather stressful process. There are countless schemes, each with their own set of criteria, which one can apply for when on the verge of starting. Types of support All publicly funded schemes are designed to encourage new and growing businesses, to bring wealth and ultimately create jobs. To help achieve this the government makes available a portion of taxpayers' money to help and encourage enterprise. This cash gets distributed through a variety of ministries, departments and agencies on a national and local basis. The good news is that most businesses are eligible at any one time to apply for a number of different business start-up grants and support schemes, which are distributed in a wide variety of forms. Business start-up grants Direct grant This is a cash award, which is usually given out for activities such as training, employment, export development, recruitment or capital investment projects. With a direct grant most schemes usually require the company involved to put up around 50% of the cost. Repayable grant Under this type of scheme cash funding is offered for a project with the intention that the sums are paid out of future revenues. However, if the project fails, the grant is written off. Soft loan A soft loan is a special type of grant where the terms and conditions of repayment are more generous (or softer) than they would be under normal financial circumstances. So, for example, the interest rates may be less, or there may be no interest to pay at all, and the repayment terms could also be for a longer period. Equity finance With equity finance a capital sum is injected into the business and the provider of the funds takes an equity share of the enterprise and (hopefully) when the value of the firm increases the stake can then be returned. However, unlike venture capitalists, the expectations and requirements of the providers of public funds are usually less demanding. Free or subsidized consultancy Start-ups can often find themselves in the situation where they are lacking a particular set of skills and there are some specially run schemes which offer to provide these either for free or at subsidized rates. Access to resources As with a lack of skills, it can be the case that small firms do not posses the physical resources or facilities they need in order to develop particular projects. In the same way there are a number of initiatives that can help overcome these concerns by providing access to publicly owned facilities. Technology and Best Practice transfer The transfer of technological advances and new best practice initiatives can often take a long

time filtering down to smaller businesses. The government has set up schemes, which aim to overcome this through business support networks. Shared cost contract When it comes to research and development, the costs involved can prevent small firms from taking part. However, sharing the costs with other businesses, and then sharing the expertise can avoid this problem. Our marketing team plans on designing aesthetically pleasing brochures, fliers, packaging, and much more. With further research on the interests of our demographic, we can target our advertising in a way that will attract investors. Conclusion: Since this is a startup company, there is a necessity to start out small, but strong. The goal for this company is to become well known as a reputable company for eye correction products. Beside selling this product, Conspecto, there is a need to build up a reputation for future products. In order for that to happen, marketing needs to make this product well known as a basic product for correcting poor vision. For now, the goal is to make Conspecto a brandnomer- a generic trademark for all eye correction products. Conspecto is aimed to revolutionize how poor eyesight is treated. Marketings plan for future activities is to expand the companys horizons. Using new ways of advertisement, this product can reach out to future people. It will not be a simple step to change the traditional ways of eye correction to the one designed by Conspecto. We plan to depend on high ratings and customer satisfaction to help boost our reputation. By using new ways of advertisement, such as those on popular websites, the product and company name will spread. The Marketing Team here at Nanoptics plans on maximizing our companys ability to sell and profit from our innovation, Conspecto. Through careful planning we have devised a marketing plan to efficiently and productively commercialize Conspecto. Our skilled team will work to develop the best publicity and marketing techniques to spread the popularity of our product. We will use all sources of multimedia available to us. Conspecto is a revolutionary product. With a cost that is drastically less than the yearly averages for contact lenses and spectacles, we will forge ahead. The ease of use of a simple eye drop is of great functionality.