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The most important quality of a good parent is being responsible for their children.

This responsibility involve a number of activities and roles a parent should do through the whole life or at least until the child become mature enough to live independently. First, a good parent should provide children's material needs, such as home, food, clothes, and so forth. This should be fulfilled at least on the level of minimum children's requirements or better depending on parents financial capacities, but taking care not to spoil the child. Second, good parents should constantly promote child's physical and mental development. This includes disciplining the child, habituating the child to physical exercises and studying, providing the child with as best education as possible, and advising the child on any problem he or she encounters during life. Most of these activities imply spending a lot of time with children, which is in many cases problematic because adults usually have a lot of things to do in their lives. But good parents should spend as much time as possible with their children. Also, good parents should protect their children. It may imply protection of child's health, trying to prevent the child from getting sick and take care of the child if he or she got ill. Parents should also protect their children from others dangers such as alcohol, drugs, and bullies at school. To sum up, a good parent should always provide both moral and material support for his or her children. In addition, a good parent should help the child to go through the life to the adulthood in order to make him or her a good parent for the next generation.