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WORLD VEGETATION ZONES: Expect for polar and Alpine regions of permanent snow and ice, rest of the

earth's surface is occupied by vegetation. On the basis of climate world has been divided into the following seven natural regions. 1. Equatorial and Tropical regions.0-----23.5 on North and South. 2. Subtropical Regions. 23.6-------34.0 on North and south. 3. Warm Temperate Regions 34.1-------45 on north and south. 4. Cool Temperate Regions 45.1--------58.0 on north and south 5. Subarctric regions 58.1--------66.5 on north and south. 6. Arctric Regions 66.6-------72.0 on north and south. 7. Polar Regions 72.1---------90.0 on north and south. 1. TROPICALREGION .Lies between 0-----23.5 on North and South and Further divided into the following forest Regions. (i) Tropical rain forest (ii) Tropical Deciduous forest. (iii) tropical Savanna forest. (iv) Tropical Thorn forest. (v)Tropical Desert forest 2. SUBTROPICAL REGIONS: Lies between 23.6-------34.0 on North and south (i) Subtropical rain forest (ii) Subtropical Deciduous forest. iii) Subtropical Savanna forest. (iv) Subtropical Thorn forest. (v)Subtropical Desert forest (vi) Subtropical Sclerophyllous vegetation 3. WARM TEMPERATE REGIONS. Lies between 34.1-------45 on north and south. (i)Warm temperate rain forest. (ii) Warm temperate deciduous forest (iii) Warm temperate broad sclerophyllous vegetation. (iv) Warm temperate grasslands. (v) Warm temperate deserts 4. COOL TEMPRATE REGIONS; Lies between 45.1--------58.0 on north and south. (i) Cool temperate coniferous forest. (ii). Cool temperate deciduous forest. (iii) Cool temperate mixed forest. 5. SUBARCTIC REGIONS: Lies between 58.1--------66.5 on north and south. (i) Sub arctic coniferous forest. 6.ARCTIC (TUNDRA AND ALPINE REGIONS: Lies between 66.6-------72.0 on north and south (i) Arctic or tundra vegetation (ii) Alpine vegetation 7. POLAR REGION: Lies between 72.1---------90.0 on north and south

.1. 1. TROPICALREGIONS: .Lies between 0-----23.5 on North and South and Further divided into the following forest regions. (i)Tropical rain forest: it is also called virgin forest. DISTRIBUTION: Found in South America, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Malaysia Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. CLIMATE. It occur mostly here moisture, heat and soil condition are favorable, its annual Temperature 85-95 F. FLORA: 300 species are found. Banana (scitamineaae) palmae (date) Ficus species Teak (Tectona grandis) etc. (ii) Tropical Deciduous forest. It is also called Monsoon forest. They are rich deciduous forest. DISTRIBUTION. India, Burma, China, northern Australia, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Central America, South Brazil. CLIMATE. Rainfall vary .Heavy rainfall occur from 40- 80 inches per year. FLORA. Teak (Tectona grandis) Delbergia sisso, (shisham) Morus Alba (Mulberry) etc. Some climbers are also found. (iii) Tropical Savanna: it is also called grassland forest, trees are scattered. DISTRIBUTION: found in Central America, Central Africa, Nigeria, Sweden, Kenya, Central India, Eastern Australia, Southern Asia, CLIMATE: Arid or warm area, Annual Temp. 75-90F bit temperature may be vary. FLORA; Tall grass are found from 1-3 feet in length. Acacia nilotica, Acacia modesta, pinus species, Walnut 9juglen regia, Melia Azaderica etc. (iv) Tropical Thorn forest. It is also called woodland forest. It is intermediate between grassland and desert forest. DISTRIBUTION. Argentina, Pakistan, India, Australia, Southern Africa, Niger, Peru, etc CLIMATE: temperature is 122F in summer, in winter 14- 23F. FLORA: Xerophytic plants are found. (Leaf succulents plants) prospicus Cinera, Acacia nilotica, (kikor) Zizyphus speciec,Ttamarix Aphylla, 2. SUBTROPICAL ZONES. It lies between 23.6 ---- 34.0 on North and South and Further divided into the following forest regions. (i) Subtropical rain forest: DISTRIBUTION: it is found in Northern America, Eastern China, South and east Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania, Eastern Australia, CLIMATE: Atmosphere is humid (rain fall is 1000mm or above) because of rainfall throughout the air. FLORA: Mosses and fern of Family Gesneracea are found.