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Single words a abaft aboard about above absent across afore after against along alongside amid amidst

among amongst an/a apropos (derived term) around as aside astride at athwart atop barring before behind below beneath beside besides between betwixt beyond but by circa ("c." or "ca.") concerning despite down during except excluding failing following for from given in including inside into lest like mid (from "amid". Usually used poetically.) midst (from "amidst". Usually used poetically.) minus modulo near next notwithstanding (also used postpositionally) of off on onto opposite out outside over pace past per plus pro qua regarding round sans save since than through, thru throughout, thruout till times to toward towards under underneath unlike until unto up upon versus, "vs.", "v." via vice, with ("w/") within (w/in" or "w/i") without ("w/o") Worth

Multiple words Two words according to ahead of apart from as for as of as per as regards aside from back to because of close to due to Three words as far as as long as as opposed to as soon as as well as by virtue of except for far from in to (contracted as into) inside of (note that inside out is an adverb, not a preposition) instead of left of near to next to on to (contracted as onto) out from out of outside of owing to prior to pursuant to regardless of right of subsequent to thanks to that of up to where as

Preposition + (article) + noun + preposition English has a number of idiomatic expressions which act as prepositions, but can be analyzed as a preposition followed by a noun (sometimes preceded by the definite or, occasionally, indefinite article) followed by another preposition.[2] Common examples include: by means of for the sake of in accordance with in addition to in case of in front of Archaic or infrequently used anent anti (loan word) behither betwixt chez cum (Latin loan word) ere fornenst[3] fornent[3] gainst or 'gainst (from against) neath or 'neath (from beneath) outwith pro (loan word) qua (loan word) re (loan word) sans (loan word) 'twixt (from betwixt) unto (largely supplanted by to; used in some formal, religious, or archaic contexts) vis--vis (loan word) in lieu of in order to in place of in point of in spite of on account of on behalf of on top of with regard to with respect to with a view to

Not fully grammaticized concerning (alternate for "about", "with respect to") considering (alternate for "given") regarding (alternate for "about", "with respect to") respecting (alternate for "about", "with respect to") worth Preposition-like modifiers of quantified noun phrases apart from but Postpositions ago as in "five years ago", sometimes considered an adverb rather than a postposition apart as in "this apart", also used prepositionally ("apart from this") aside as in "such examples aside", also used prepositionally ("aside from such examples") away as in "five light years away", sometimes considered an adverb or an adjective rather than a postposition hence as in "five years hence", sometimes considered an adverb rather than a postposition notwithstanding also used prepositionally on as in "five years on", also used prepositionally through as in "the whole night through", also used prepositionally withal archaic as a postposition meaning with except plus save